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In July 2004, HDFC Bank became the first bank in the county to offer credit cards in over 100 cities. Initially, the Credit Card was launched in over 40 cities. In the beginning, the credit cards were issued under three categories namely the HDFC Bank international silver credit card; international Gold credit card and the Health Plus International Credit Card. The Health Plus International Credit Card was the first credit card in India with a special feature of free inbuilt cashless mediclaim.

List of HDFC Bank Credit Cards

About HDFC Credit Card

In the year 2014, HDFC Bank became the biggest issuer of the credit card in the country – a whopping 5.5 million outstanding credit cards were issued by the end of October 2014, as per the data of Reserve Bank of India.

During the same year, the bank introduced the missed call banking service, allowing the customers to access the banking services easily without having to visit the bank personally or using online facilities.

A little more than a million customers started using this facility within a few weeks of its launch.

In 2016, the bank continued the top position of being the biggest issuer of credit cards in India with the issue of around 7.28 million credit cards and a 22 percent of growth over the previous year as per the RBI data.

The HDFC Bank Credit cards base is comparable to the mixed card base of the ICICI Bank and SBI Bank’s credit card.

In February 2018, according to a data released by the Reserve Bank of India, HDFC Credit Card customer base stands at 1.02 crore and it is equal to 28.68 percent of the total credit card customer base in India.


The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was the first one to receive an approval from the Central Bank to set up a bank in the private sector during the year 1994. As a part of Reserve Bank of India’s liberalization policy of the Indian Banking Industry, the RBI started to give approval for private players to set up banks as per the set rules and regulations.

The bank was incorporated during August 1994 in the name of ‘HDFC Bank Limited’. Its registered office is located in Mumbai, the financial capital of India. The bank commenced its operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in the year January 1995.

The bank’s first office was opened at Ramon House, Churchgate in Mumbai. The bank opened its first corporate office and a full-service branch at Sandoz House, Worli, in midtown of Mumbai. The office was inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Union Finance Minister.

During March 1995, it launched its first initial public offering of Rs 500 million.

In May 1995, the HDFC Bank was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange at Rs 39.95 per share. They were listed on the National Stock Exchange in November 1995.

In the year November 1999, HDFC Bank launched international debit card, enabling the account holders to their access bank account from anywhere in the world. It was for the first time an international debit card was launched in association with Visa International in India.

Features of HDFC Credit Card

The following are the features for HDFC Credit Card:

Personalized Offerings – HDFC provides a customized credit card to match the needs and requirements of the individual customers.

Discount Facilities – HDFC credit card has tie-ups with elite brands ranging from apparel to dining and hence provides great discount facilities, cash back offers and reward points to all its customers on all the days in a year.

Modernized Security – The HDFC credit card offers its customers highly secured mechanism to conduct online transactions smoothly without facing any hassles.

Balance Transfer – It provides a facility to transfer the balance from one credit card to another or to transfer the amount to any other account.

Loan against Card – HDFC credit card provides loan against card without much of paperwork at the doorsteps of the customer on demand.

Bill Value Program – The credit card can be used to pay bills and for shopping purpose. One can pay mobile, telephone, electricity, insurance bills using HDFC credit card and get cash back benefits and accumulate reward points offer. The following are the Bill Value Programs of HDFC Bank.

It charges an annual service fee of Rs 199 per annum. It provides following benefits:

Welcome Benefit of 500 Bonus Reward Points on the first utility bill payment (Payment through Smart Pay or directly to the merchant).

Smart Pay Benefit of 2% Cashback on all Smart Pay payments with a max cap of Rs 200 and reversal of Rs 10.

Smart Pay Transaction Processing Fee (Smart Pay is a standing instruction for making utility bill payments on HDFC Bank Credit Card)

Direct Pay Benefit – 1% Cashback on all utility bill payments directly made to the billing merchant with a max cap of Rs 150.

Benefits of HDFC Credit Card

The following are the benefits of using an HDFC Credit Card:

Low-Interest Rates – HDFC Credit card, charges a very low-cost structure with respect to interest rates on all overdue payments.

Cashless Transactions – With the HDFC Credit Card, the cardholder can transact easily without carrying cash all the time. The user can enjoy hassle-free cash using HDFC Credit Card. It discounts the need to carry cash everywhere.

Customized Service – HDFC provides a broad pattern of credit card service to match everyone’s taste and expenses. It offers the user a host of benefits which are extremely handy.

Universal Recognition – HDFC credit cards are universally accepted and facilitate cashless transactions across millions of merchant locations across the world.

Unique Assistance – HDFC Credit Cardholders are entitled to receive exclusive benefits like reward scheme, loan on credit card facility, online services, EMI option facilities, cash back schemes, EMI option, travel assistance, frequent flier miles, free movie tickets, dining, shopping and fuel surcharge waiver facility and so on. The cardholder can use a credit card for e-shopping and make online bill payments. The cardholder can also extend a loan and it allows the user to pay through EMIs. Additionally, one can even earn discounts and get reward points by using an HDFC credit card.

Insurance – The HDFC Credit Card was the first credit card in India which introduced a special feature of free inbuilt cashless mediclaim policy. Currently, it provides the insurance facilities under the following categories: Health Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Protection Insurance and Super Top Up Insurance.

HDFC Credit Card How to Apply?

HDFC Credit Card apply either by visiting the nearest branch of HDFC Bank or via online.

HDFC Credit Card Apply via Offline

For Offline application – through the bank branch, you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank and meet a credit card handling bank’s representative and express your interest to obtain a Credit Card of your choice after going through the various credit card variants. The representative will guide you through the application filling process, wherein you will be required to fill out the form and submit the required documents.

The bank will check whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for. Based on the eligibility of the customer, they may or may not receive the credit card, it will be on the discretion of the HDFC Bank to decide if a customer has to be given Credit Card or not.

HDFC Credit Card Apply Online

For HDFC Bank Credit Card apply online, you need to visit the HDFC Bank’s official website and follow the list of procedure as given below: HDFC Bank Credit Card Application Form
1. Select the type of Credit Card you wish to apply for as per the individual requirement after going through the features of the card in detail.

2. Click on the ‘Apply Online’ option.

3. Enter your mobile number in the specified column and click on proceed option

4. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the respective mobile number for verification

5. Now enter the OTP and click on the proceed option

6. Enter the personal details including the

• Name

• Gender

• Date of Birth

• Residential Address

• Employment Type

• If you have a Credit Card, then mention the details about the same

• In case if you have applied in the last six months then select the appropriate option

7. Enter the captcha code and proceed further

8. You can select from the list of the cards as per the individual requirements

9. Select Apply option and proceed further

10. You have to fill up the online application form with correct details and submit the same and thus you complete submitting the online application form to secure credit card.

11. Once the details are filled in, the bank will check whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for. Based on the eligibility of the customer, they may or may not receive the credit card, it will be on the discretion of the HDFC Bank to decide if a customer has to be given Credit Card or not.

12. If you have fulfilled the criteria, you will get a call from the HDFC Bank executive regarding the application form after which a representative from the Bank will visit you to collect the required documents.

13. Once the application is approved, the respective Credit Card will be delivered to your address within a week.

Applicants can also apply for an HDFC Bank’s Credit Card, by using the customer ID and mobile number via online.

HDFC Bank Credit Card Eligibility

The list of HDFC Bank Credit Card eligibility criteria: 

• To apply for HDFC Bank’s Credit Card, the individual should have attained a minimum of 21 years of age. Anyone falling in this category is eligible to apply for a credit card with HDFC Bank.

• The applicant should be a resident of India or Non-Resident Indian.

• The applicant should have a good CIBIL Score.

• The applicant should have a regular source of income

• The applicant should have a minimum income of Rs 18,000 per month

• The applicant should be a regular employee working in an established company or a self-employed professional managing own business.

Documents Required for HDFC Bank’s Credit Card

One Identity Proof issued by the government of India – Election Voters ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card.

Proof of Income – Last 3 months salary slip or last 3 months bank statement

Address Proof – Electricity Bill (latest or previous month), Phone Bill (latest or previous month), Rental agreement, Flat maintenance bill (latest or previous month), bank statement (latest or previous month), Passport, Driving License

• PAN Card.

• Passport size photograph

Benefits of HDFC Credit Card Banking

Customers who access the HDFC Bank Credit card using the Net Banking facility can view all the account information quickly and easily. The online features of the credit card help the users to view the

  • Account Information
  • Credit card statement for up to last 6 months
  • Unbilled transactions

Request for

  • AutoPay registration
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Registration of New Card
  • Statement on e-mail
  • Credit Card ATM Pin
  • De-registration of Card
  • AutoPay De-registration

HDFC Credit Card Statement

The HDFC Credit Card Statement will be received every month and it mainly records all the transactions which the credit card holder makes during the previous month. The credit card statement will be sent either courier to your corresponding address or you will receive it as an e-mail statement or both, based on how you have opted to receive the statement.

HDFC Credit Card users can view this statement online via Net Banking also. One should check this statement carefully as it is an important document. If you come across any unauthorized or suspicious transaction, then the same should be bought to the immediate notice of the bank.

Important Things to look out for while viewing HDFC Credit Card Statement:


The HDFC Credit Card Statement will include the chronological list of all the transactions which you have made during the statement period. Domestic and international transactions will be listed separately. Each of the transaction will include the date of the transaction, description of the transaction and the value of the transaction. It also includes any credits to your account, for example – credit card bill payment which you have made or a refund that you may have received. Such transactions will be marked as ‘Cr’ next to the amount column. It is always advised to check each of the items against the charge slips or transaction alerts.


At the time of reading the summary, do check the total dues (the sum of all the transactions during the statement period plus any past dues) and the minimum due amount (the amount you should pay to avoid late payment charges).

Account Summary

This will give an overview of how much you have paid to the bank and how much you spent and past due amount if any.


While reading the HDFC Credit Card Statement do check the statement date (the date on which the statement was generated) and the payment due date (the date by which you should pay the total dues to avoid late payment charges).


Check your credit limit (it is the limit up to which the cardholder can spend in a month), available credit limit (the credit limit minus what you have already spent) and available cash limit (how much one can withdraw from ATMs)

Reward Points Summary

This section will highlight the accumulated reward points during the statement period and in total. It all informs you that if any points are likely to expire and the points you may have claimed.


If any special offer is going on then the same will be included in this section.

Statutory and Important Information

This will include the terms and conditions, payment options, changes to the card member agreement and relevant details like how to hotlist lost or stolen cards.

Why should one choose HDFC Credit Card?

The HDFC Credit Card provides its customers a wide variety of credit cards that gratifies diverse customers needs and requirements. The bank understands the changing requirements of the customers and transfers the knowledge in their credit cards which they offer. It provides money back policies, travel, several rewards, travel, shopping, elite credit cards to meet the customer's devoir.

How to do HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment?

An HDFC Bank account holder can do HDFC Credit Card Payment through below-mentioned methods.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment via Autopay

The cardholder can provide standing instructions to debit the HDFC Bank Account automatically for either the minimum amount due or the total monthly outstanding amount on the respective Credit Card through HDFC credit card login. The account with HDFC Bank should be a sole or a joint account with an 'any' or 'either' signing mandate.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment via NetBanking

HDFC Bank savings/current account holders can register for the NetBanking facility and transfer the outstanding HDFC Bank Card Payment amount via online. To link the Credit Card to NetBanking, please log in to the HDFC Bank NetBanking account and link the respective account to Credit Card using the Credit Card ATM PIN. HDFC Credit Card Login can be done using the virtual keyboard on its official website. The users can only enter the password using the virtual keyboard. HDFC Credit Card Net Banking brings in an array of benefits to the users.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment via ATM Funds Transfer

Walk into any HDFC Bank ATM in India, at any time and transfer the bill amount from the Savings or Current Account to the Credit Card Account.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment via Mobile Banking Application

Download and install the HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App on the personal mobile phone and enable internet access. Log in to the Mobile App using the Customer ID and go to the ‘Credit Card’ tab, choose ‘Credit Card Payment’ and make the payments using HDFC Bank Savings Account.

For Non- HDFC Bank Savings Account Holder

If an individual does not have HDFC Bank’s Savings account then he/she can pay their credit card bills through one of the following ways

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment via Non-HDFC Bank NetBanking – BILL DESK

One can now make Credit Card payments online from any other bank account that they maintain, if the individual does not have an account with HDFC Bank, then they can make payment at Bill Desk.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment  via NEFT/ Visa Money Transfer

One can transfer funds from any other bank account to the HDFC Credit Card account electronically. Please contact the nearest bank for more details on NEFT/VISA Money Transfer. Check the branch’s IFSC Code properly for credit card payment through NEFT.

How to activate HDFC Credit Card?

After successfully securing the HDFC Credit Card, the bank will send you a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to your respective registered mail address in a secure tamper-proof envelope. The HDFC PIN is a 4 digit unique number. For Security reason, one will first receive the credit card to the mail address and then a confidential letter which consists of the PIN will be sent to you. After receiving the PIN, you can activate your card either at the HDFC bank near me or using the net banking account.

Procedure to activate HDFC Credit Card through ATM

Step 1: If one is opting for activation of HDFC credit card through ATM, one has to call HDFC Phone banking and request them to send an OTP (one-time-password) to your registered mobile number.
Step 2: After receiving the OTP, visit the HDFC Bank’s ATM and insert your credit card in the provided slot.
Step 3: Select the ‘Preferred Language’ and choose the ‘Create new ATM using OTP’ option.
Step 4: Enter the OTP which you received on your registered mobile number in the provided space.
Step 5: You will be asked to enter your registered phone number for verification purpose.
Step 6: After this proceed further and you will be asked to enter the new 4 digit PIN.
Step 7: Now enter the new PIN as per your convenience and click on the ‘Submit’ option.
Step 8: Now your HDFC Credit card PIN will be successfully changed and you will be able to use your new PIN for further transactions.

Procedure to activate HDFC Credit Card through NetBanking

Step 1: Visit the official web portal of HDFC NetBanking using the customer ID and password.
Step 2: Navigate through the ‘Credit Cards’ tab.
Step 3: Choose the “Credit Card ATM PIN” option.
Step 4: Select your HDFC Credit Card from the drop-down section and click on the ‘Continue’ tab.
Step 5: You will be asked to confirm the transaction. Proceed further and click on the ‘Confirm’ tab and the new credit card PIN will be sent to your mailing address.
Step 6: You will now receive a new PIN, upon receipt of the same you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank’s ATM and change the pin to activate HDFC credit card.

HDFC Credit Card Status

After submission of application with relevant documents, one can check their HDFC Credit Card Application Status using multiple avenues. One should keep in mind that they should keep the below-mentioned list of information ready with them before checking the HDFC Credit Card Status

  • PAN Card/ Mobile Number
  • Credit Card Application Number
  • Credit Card Reference Number (if applicable)
  • Date of Birth

The banks use the combination of the above-listed information to authenticate that the person is indeed looking out for HDFC Credit Card application status and the applicant is a genuine and reliable user.

Check HDFC Credit Card Application Status Online using Net Banking accounting

The official web portal of HDFC offers a link for HDFC Credit Card tracking. Visit the official web site of HDFC, select the personal header proceed further and opt Products option and then select Cards, later choose Credit Cards, in this page under credit cards select the option Track your Credit Card. Here fill in the details of Application Reference Number (16 digit application reference number) or enter the Application Form Number (enter the form number as per the application form) or enter your Date of Birth (as provided in the credit card application form) followed by mobile number and captcha code and click on the ‘submit’ button to know the current status.

Offline using SMS alerts

If the applicant has registered for SMS banking, then you can send as SMS to know the current Credit Card Application Status.

Offline Using HDFC Bank’s Customer Care Representatives

The applicant can also check the HDFC Credit Card application status by dialling up the HDFC Credit Card customer care number. The executives at the customer care will enquire the application number or reference number, date of birth, mobile number for identification purposes and the same will be checked in the system to know the current status and accordingly, information will be provided to the applicant.

Offline by visiting the nearest HDFC Bank

If the applicant has access to the nearby HDFC bank, then he/she can walk in along with the application details and check the HDFC Credit Card application status with the representatives of the bank directly. The representatives will check their system and will update the status of the same.

HDFC Credit Card Bill

Make your payment to HDFC Credit Card Bill in three simple steps

1. Firstly, provide your HDFC Bank Credit Card Payment Details

- Enter your HDFC Bank Credit Card number and payment amount

- Select the banker from the net banking option using the drop-down and click on PAY.

- You will be securely redirected to the bank payment interface of your selected net banking option.

2. Confirm Payment (at Bank)

- Enter your authentication details (including user id, password)

- Confirm your payment amount to HDFC Bank Credit Card

- Your account will instantly get debited online.

3. Receive Online Confirmation

- After making an online payment, you will be receiving an online transaction confirmation and a transaction reference number.

- Post this you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of your transaction 

HDFC Credit Card Offers

The HDFC Credit card offers reward points which can be accumulated and redeemed to avail several offers which range between shopping, cash back, dining, flying air miles and so on. Each card comes up with a unique offer, rules which are meant to utilize reward points. Get complimentary access to airport lounges in India and abroad or get complimentary golf games at some of the golf centres in India.

Standing Instruction on Credit Card 

The standing instruction facility on the credit cards under the BillPay mechanism takes care of the bill payments and this will be done automatically without the need for the credit card holders to write cheques or wait in queues to make payments. HDFC Bank will ensure that it is paid on time and there is no need to worry about keeping the billing deadlines in mind. Apart from this, one can also get a 5% cashback on utility and telecom payments using this facility via HDFC credit card. By using this facility the HDFC bank customers can get 5% cashback for the first 12 months of registration and there will be no processing fee or transaction fee. The service is completely free for all the HDFC Bank customers. 

Benefits of Standing Instruction on HDFC Credit Cards

  • Pay your bills on time without missing the deadline.
  • Users can pre-set maximum limit on every bill. 
  • No need to remember the bill due dates of each of the utility bills. 
  • Modify or delete the standing instructions facility at any time of your choice. 
  • Get SMS and e-mail alerts on new biller additions, payment information and bill due dates. 
  • Save by getting additional cashback on utility and telecom bills. The cashback will be posted to the next statement cycle. 

How To Close HDFC Credit Card?

A cardholder can visit the nearest HDFC Bank and meet an executive and inform about the intention to close the existing credit card.

Fill in the details of Credit Card Closure Form and submit the same to the Branch Manager. Once the process of cancellation is initiated, the card holder should cut the respective credit card diagonally. The request will automatically lead to the termination of the add-on cards.

Termination will be effective after payment of all amounts outstanding on the card account.

Cardholders can also download the Credit Card Closure Form. After filling up the form the same can be sent to The Manager of HDFC Bank Credit Cards, P O Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 6000041. Or the cardholder can also write to the manager of the corporate office at the same address.

The Cardholder can also call the HDFC Credit Card customer care number and can cancel their credit cards at any point of time by dialling the toll-free number at 1800-425-4332.

Contact HDFC Credit Card Customer Care at:



Q: What are the different types of credit cards offered by HDFC bank?

A: HDFC Bank provides different types of credit cards with different features based on the customer's profile.

Super Premium Credit Cards: Infinia, Regalia, Diners Club Black.

Co-Brand Credit Cards: Platinum Times Card, Titanium Times Card.

Professional Credit Cards: Doctor's Superia, Teacher's platinum

Premium Travel Credit Cards: Superia, AllMiles

Premium Women's Credit Cards: Solitaire

Premium Credit Cards: Visa Signature, World Mastercard, Diners Club Premium, Diners Club Rewards.

Regular Credit Cards: Platinum plus

Commercial Credit Cards: Business Regalia, Business Platinum, Business Gold, Corporate Platinum, Business Gold, Corporate Platinum, Corporate Visa Signature, Corporate World MasterCard, Corporate Card, Purchase Card, Distributor Card.

Q: How can I register my credit card NetBanking in HDFC Bank?

A: If you are already maintaining a relationship with HDFC bank with a bank account, you can register for your credit card net banking services by following the below- given steps.

1. Customer needs to login into net banking with their customer ID and Password.

2. Inside the net banking account, click on the credit card tab

3. Add your new card by selecting the Register New Card option

4. Enter your card credentials like the Credit Card Number, Credit Card ATM PIN, expiry date and click on submit button.

Q: What is the advantage of paying my HDFC credit card bill through internet banking?

A: The following are the advantages of paying HDFC credit card bill via the internet banking

  • It is easy and convenient to pay credit card bills online.
  • It is a paperless transaction and hence consumes less time and payment will be made immediately.
  • One can set up standard instructions and pay the bills regularly without keeping a reminder.
  • No service charges will be levied for online payment of credit card bills.
  • It is a faster process to pay bills.

Q: Can I take a loan based on my HDFC Bank Credit Card?

A: Yes, if you are using HDFC bank credit card then the bank will provide two pre-approved loans. Insta loan and Insta jumbo loan.

Insta loan: you can get insta loan within your credit limit.

Insta Jumbo loan: Available above the credit limit of your credit card.

Q: Can I earn reward points by using my HDFC bank credit card?

A: All the eligible HDFC credit cardholders can earn reward points while they spend using their cards. The reward points can be redeemed for various options ranging from HDFC rewards catalogue, cashback, air miles and other options.

Q: What features do HDFC Bank credit cards offer to a customer?

A: HDFC bank provides the following features to credit card customers:

  • Rewards Points - Redemption across multiple airlines.
  • Attractive offers on movies and dining.
  • Spend based Annual and Renewal fee reversals.
  • Fuel Surcharge waivers.
  • Priority passes.
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage.

Q: What should I do if I lose my credit card or if my card is stolen?

A: In case you have lost your credit card or it has been stolen, the priority is to first block the card and prevent unauthorized transactions. Please call the card issuer’s customer care number from your registered mobile number and inform them of the card loss/theft so that the card is blocked and they will replace it with a new credit card.

Q: What type of dining benefits can my HDFC bank credit card provide?

A: In case of a credit card, you may be eligible to receive a range of dining benefits ranging from cash-back offers, discounts on dining bills, accelerated reward points accumulation at partner restaurants and much more. Though such benefits were earlier reserved for premium credit cards, many banks in India have extended this facility to other credit card holders as well.

Q: How does HDFC bank credit card generate fuel cost savings?

A: HDFC bank fuel cards provide you with the option of generating savings in terms of surcharge waiver when you fill your vehicle up at the petrol pump. Apart from the fuel surcharge waiver, some credit cards may also provide you with cash back benefits whenever you use your card for transactions at a petrol pump.

Q: What are the features of HDFC AllMiles Credit Card

A: The following are the features and benefits of HDFC AllMiles Credit Card:

  • With card issue, the cardholder is entitled to receive 1000 reward points as a welcome benefit.
  • With every Rs. 150 spend, get 3 reward points.
  • Free Priority Pass Membership.
  • With every Rs.500 spent at the fuel station, get a Fuel Surcharge Waiver.
  • On spending of Rs. 15,000 in the first 90 days of card issue, get the first year annual fee reversed.
  • On spending Rs. 1, 00,000 on the credit card in a year prior to renewal date get the renewal fee reversed.

Latest Articles

HDFC Bank Revises Late Payment Charges

The HDFC Bank has revised late payment charges on credit card.

The bank will be levying a charge of Rs 500 on late payment charges with effect from April 1, 2019 for statement balance in the range of Rs 501 – Rs 5000.

Late Payment Charges Fee Details

Statement Balance                                             Late Payment Charges
Up to Rs 100 Rs 100 Between Rs 100 – Rs 500    Rs 100
Between Rs 501 – Rs 5000                                       Rs 500
Between Rs 5001 – Rs 10000                                   Rs 600
Between Rs 10000 – Rs 25000                                 Rs 800
Above Rs 25000                                                          Rs 950

6 March 2019
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