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In 1998, the ICICI Bank for the first time proposed to bring credit cards to the large, underserved population in both semi-urban and rural areas of India. In 2001, the ICICI Bank along with BPL Mobile entered into a tie-up to launch a co-branded credit card and thus the ICICI Bank-BPL Mobile Credit Card was launched. ICICI Bank launched Drivesmart Credit Card for transporters in 2002. In 2003, the ICICI Bank acquired the credit card division of Tata Finance. During 2004, the ICICI Bank’s credit cards cross two million mark. During the same year, the bank along with Mohun Bagan launch co-branded credit card. In 2005, the bank overtakes Citibank in terms of credit card business with the sale of 3 million credit cards over Citibank’s 2.5 million credit card sales.

List of ICICI Credit Cards

About ICICI Bank

The ICICI Bank stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank, is India’s biggest private sector bank.

It is a multinational banking and financial services company. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra State. Its registered office is located in Vadodara.

ICICI was constituted during the year 1955 at the initiation of the World Bank, the Government of India and representatives of the Indian industry with a principle objective to create a development of a financial institution for providing medium and long-term project funding to Indian business.

The ICICI Bank was initially promoted in the year 1994 by ICICI Limited. The ICICI Bank was the wholly-owned subsidiary of ICICI Limited, an Indian financial institution.

ICICI Bank has total consolidated assets of Rs 9,860.43 billion as of March 31, 2017. It has a network of 4,850 branches and 14,164 ATM’s in India. It has its presence in 18 countries other than India.

ICICI Limited’s shareholding in ICICI Bank was brought down to 46% through a public offering of shares in India during 1998 and an equity offering in the form of American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) during 2000.

During 1999, ICICI Bank became the initial Indian Company and the first bank from a non-Japan Asia to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In the same year, it changed its name from ICICI Banking Corporation Limited to ICICI Bank Limited on September 10, 1999.

In 2001, ICICI Bank acquired Bank of Madura Limited in an all-stock amalgamation deal. It sold an additional stake to institutional investors through secondary market sales in 2001-2002.

Features of ICICI Credit Card

The following are the features of ICICI Credit Card

Auto Debit Facility – ICICI Credit card provides Auto Debit Facility for credit cardholders who have an account with ICICI Bank. You will have an added convenience of paying bills either the minimum amount due or the total amount due directly to credit card account through your bank account.

Cash Advance – ICICI Credit Card provides cash withdrawal facility 24 hours a day from any VISA or MasterCard participating member bank ATM using card holder's APIN, with this facility one will never be broke. A fee of 2.5% will be levied for every transaction up to a minimum of Rs 300. In addition to the transaction fee, an interest will also be charged from the date of transaction till the date of repayment.

Self-Set Limit – ICICI Credit card provides you to pre-define your own credit limit. You can request a lower limit than what you are actually eligible for. The user can preset the monthly spending limits regularly.

Any kind of transaction over the set spend limit will be declined. The monthly spending limit can be reset during every billing cycle by calling the customer care and placing the request with the customer care executive. The spending limit will be changed online and the same will come into effect from the next billing cycle.

Click to Pay – ICICI Credit card provides click to pay opportunity, the user can now use the available Net Banking or Debit Card to make ICICI Bank loan outstanding payments or pay ICICI Bank’s Credit Card bills.

Mobile Alerts / E-mail Statement – The Statement Online facility provided by ICICI Bank for credit card holders is a very simple, yet powerful and convenient way to view the credit card statement details online without any postal delays. The mobile alerts from ICICI Bank will provide the information about the credit card even when you are on the move. If the cardholder has any payments due against the credit card account, then you will receive an alert five days before the due date relating to the total due amount, minimum due amount and payment due date for the respective credit card account.

Benefits of ICICI Credit Card

The following are the benefits of using an ICICI Credit Card:

 • Easy Access to Money – With the advent of Credit Card, the cardholder can have easy access to money without facing any hassles. One need to carry the card with them all the time instead of cash. This will eventually reduce the qualms of withdrawing the money every time either from bank’s branch account or through ATM’s.

Rewards – The credit card provides reward points for the cardholder. The bank will have tie-ups with the leading brands ranging from dining to shopping. The user of the card can buy products or render the services and make payment using a credit card to avail the cashback benefits apart from the redemption of points during every purchase.

Internet Banking – The ICICI Credit card related information can be obtained via internet banking facility. The user can make transactions like accessing the account information both for the current and last month’s statement, can view the payment status, check the monthly statement. It also enables the user to request for a duplicate PIN, can change the address of communication, can order for the draft facility, give auto debit instructions, can request for an add-on card facility as well.

Payments Option – The ICICI Credit cardholder can pay the credit bill either through cash or using cheque or internet facilities or through the phone. This saves the time of the credit cardholder. It also encourages the user of the credit card to increase the total number of transactions.

ICICI Credit Card how to apply?

An individual can apply for ICICI Credit card either through online or by visiting the nearby bank branch.

ICICI Credit Card how to apply - online?

• The customer can visit the official website of ICICI Bank and click on ‘Product Option’ on the homepage.

• Select the ‘Credit Card’ option post which the prospective customer can go through the various credit card options based on the minimum annual income of the individual that is the required aspect to possess a credit card and check other features such as travel, lifestyle and so on.

• Once the desired card is chosen, now the applicants can move on to the next step by selecting the ‘Apply Now’ option after which they will be directed to a new page.

• Based on if the individual is an existing or a new customer, the application form will be presented which has to be filled by providing the required details.

• Finally, based on the eligibility criteria of the customer, the bank may or may not grant the credit card to the customer.

The customers can also apply for a credit card by sending an e-mail directly to the ICICI Bank.

ICICI Credit Card how to apply - offline?

The individuals can apply for credit card with ICICI Bank via offline by visiting the nearest branch of ICICI Bank. The applicants have to fill in the application form provided by the bank executives to secure a credit card and have to submit the required documents as mentioned in the application. If they meet the eligibility criteria, then the bank will provide the credit card to the customer. The decision to provide the credit card to a customer is solely based on the bank's discretion.

Customers can also procure credit card by placing a call to the customer care of ICICI Bank which is operational 24X7.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for ICICI Credit Card

An individual should satisfy the below-mentioned criteria to secure a Credit Card with ICICI Bank

1. Should not be younger than 23 years at the time of submitting the application.

2. Minimum age of the add-on cardholder is 18 years.

3. Should have a monthly salary of Rs 20,000

4. If the individual is self-employed, then the minimum annual income must not be less than Rs 3 lakhs.

5. Should have good CIBIL Score.

Important Documents Required for ICICI Credit Card

• PAN Card

• Passport size latest photograph

Address Proof – Passport, Driving License, Rental agreement, Flat maintenance bill (two months – latest and previous month), Phone Bill (two months – latest and previous months), Electricity Bill (two months – latest and previous month).

One Identity Proof issued by the government of India – Election Voters ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card.

Proof of Income – Last 3 months salary slip or last 3 months bank statement, Form 16, Audited financials for at least last two years for self-employed individuals.

ICICI Credit Card App

The ICICI Mobile Banking App known as iMobile app is the most convenient, comprehensive and secure for mobile banking application which offers various banking and information services on the day to day basis handily from your smartphone. The ICICI Credit Card app is available for iOS and Android users.

One can download the app and enjoy the experience of banking on the go. Download or SMS iMobile to 5676766 to get the download link.

Features of iMobile includes

  • Hotel Bookings: Use the iMobile app to book hotels.
  • Flight Ticket Bookings: Use iMobile app to book flight tickets.
  • Rail Ticket Bookings: Use iMobile app to book rail tickets.
  • Local Deals: Use iMobile app to get the best local deals.
  • iDirect: Manage the Demat portfolio from your phone using iMobile app.
  • Expressions Debit Card: Personalize your debit card as per your choice with several options.
  • Buy Life Insurance: Experience a quicker and easier way to get insured using iMobile app.

Why should one choose ICICI Credit Card?

Exceptional Features – ICICI Bank provides its customers a wide array of credit cards, tailored to meet the requirements of today’s digitized era.

More Benefits – The Credit card offered by the ICICI Bank comes with a wide range of features and benefits ranging from holidays, hotel, airline, travel, fuel, movies, wellness, dining and so on.

Special Cards for NRIs- ICICI Bank not only provides credit card facilities to the Resident Indians, the credit card facility is extended even for the Non-Resident Indians (NRI).

Easily Accessible – It is very easy to secure an ICICI Bank’s Credit Card, the prospective customers have to walk into the nearest bank branch, submit all the required details and get the card delivered to your doorsteps within a short period of time.

Valuable Customer Support – The ICICI Bank’s credit card division provides good customer support to the cardholders. The strong customer care support will help you to clarify any query or concern- just by dialing the number or sending an email.

What is ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment?

ICICI Bank has introduced a facility known as Bill Payment to help the customers make online payment of bills including telephone, mobile, electricity, insurance and so on. The bank has a tie-up with more than 250 billers to help the customers to pay the bill online without facing any hassles.

One needs to have any of the following

- ICICI Bank Account

- ICICI Bank Credit Card (available only for select billers)

What are the different biller categories?

There are three categories of billers on the basis of how the cardholder pay their bills:

Presentment Type: For these billers, the bills are presented on the bank’s website and one can go and check them online. Once you register for a presentment type biller the details will be sent to the biller and whenever the bill is generated (which will be the next billing cycle from the registration date), it will be presented on the bank’s website and you can make the payment.

It takes a minimum of 30 days after the registration by the cardholder for the completion of the registration process and hence one cannot pay the bill immediately after registration.

The physical form of bills will also be delivered as per the norms.

Payment Type: For these billers, one can pay the bill immediately after registering for them. The bills for these will not be presented online and the cardholder has to enter the payment amount while making payment.

The cardholder will continue to receive bills in the physical form the biller as per the norms.

Shopping Mall Type: For this kind of billers, one has to go the shops (biller) website for paying the bills. They cannot be paid by first logging on to the bank’s website. 

ICICI Credit Card Application Status

Track your ICICI Credit Card Status either using the application number or using the date of birth of the applicant. 

ICICI Credit Card Application Status Using Application Number

Step 1: Visit the official web portal of ICICI bank

Step 2: Fill in the right side form on the page with your mobile number, date of birth, application number to proceed further. 

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Continue’ button

Step 4: Your ICICI Credit Card Application status will be displayed as soon as you hit the continue button if you have provided accurate information at the time of filling the form. 

ICICI Credit Card Application Status Using Date of Birth 

If the applicant does not remember the application number, then he/she can opt for using their respective date of birth to check the ICICI credit card application status

Step 1: Visit the official web portal of ICICI Bank.

Step 2: Now choose the asset portal of ICICI Bank

Step 3: Select the option ‘Track my application’ which can be seen on the right side of the portal

Step 4: Proceeding further fill in the form by providing relevant details including Date of Birth, Mobile Number.

Step 5: Click on ‘Send OTP’ option

Step 6: You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number

Step 7: Now enter the OTP which you received on your phone in the provided field and click on ‘Continue’ 

Step 8: Your application status will get displayed as soon as you hit the continue button, provided you have entered all the details accurately. 

How To Close ICICI Credit Card?

A cardholder can visit the nearest ICICI Bank and meet an executive and inform about the intention to close the existing credit card.

Fill in the details of Credit Card Closure Form and submit the same to the Branch Manager. Alternatively, download the form, fill it and send it to ICICI Bank Limited, Race Course Circle, Vadodara – 390007 or ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400051. Once the process of cancellation is initiated, the cardholder should cut the respective credit card diagonally. The request will automatically lead to the termination of the add-on cards.

Termination of the credit card will be effective after payment of all amounts outstanding on the card account.

The cardholder has to mention the type of card – Primary/Add type of ICICI Bank’s Credit card which he/she wants to cancel. After submitting the request for cancellation the Phone Banking Officer will contact you within 3 working days on the registered phone number to confirm the cancellation. Your request will be processed within 7 working days after the officer contacts you.

Cardholders can also fill the Credit Card Cancellation Request Form which is available online and can submit the same to cancel the respective Credit Card of ICICI Bank. In case if you are re-trying the procedure, then you can check the status of the previous request as well.

The Cardholder can also call the Customer Care of the ICICI Bank and can cancel their credit cards at any point of time by calling the toll-free number 1800-200-8181, to initiate a request to cancel or close their respective credit card.

ICICI Credit Card Payment

The advancement of technology has helped the customers as well as banks to make use of credit card and make payments easily, quickly and without facing any hassles, on a real time basis.

The user can scan the QR code using any of the UPI enabled banking apps/ BHIM app to pay the ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment for making the outstanding payment.

The following is the procedure used to pay the ICICI Bank Credit Card outstanding payment amount:

Step 1: Enter your respective credit card number twice and click on the verify button.
Step 2: Check thoroughly all the details populated on the screen for confirmation.
Step 3: Enter the amount which you intend to pay
Step 4: Click on Generate QR Code
Step 5: Login using any UPI enabled mobile banking app/ BHIM Application and scan the code
Step 6: Now proceed further to make payment in your UPI app.
Step 7: Now you will get a successful confirmation along with the transaction number on your mobile screen.

ICICI Credit Card Statement

The ICICI Credit Card Statement can be viewed by the users and can be viewed in the logged-in section. 

Visit the ICICI Bank’s official web portal with your User ID and password to view and download the credit card statement. 

The users can also dial up the ICICI Credit Card Customer Care to authenticate yourself and choose the ‘Self Banking’ option to get your User ID. 

ICICI Credit Card Online Payment

Procedure to pay ICICI Bank Credit Card outstanding balance via online in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Selection of Bank

  • Select the bank from which you would like to make your ICICI Bank Credit card payment (ICICI partners with only some selected banks)

Step 2: Provide Credit Card Details

  • Now select your card type
  • Enter the 15/16 digit ICICI Credit Card number and the amount which you intend to pay
  • The user will be securely redirected to the payment interface of the chosen bank

Step 3: Confirm Payment

  • Now enter your authentication details which include the net banking user ID and password of your bank account and other relevant details.
  • Confirm your payment amount.
  • Your account will get debited instantaneously.

Step 4: Receive Online Confirmation

  • After successful completion of the transaction, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number.

ICICI Credit Card Coral

The ICICI Credit Coral Card has unique qualities and is powered by most of the exclusive lifestyle privileges designed specifically after taking into consideration the latest trends of credit card users. 

The ICICI Credit Card Coral has Coral American Express, Coral Master/Visa Card and Coral Contactless Card. 

Benefits of ICICI Credit Card Coral

  • Enjoy a host of benefits which ranges from travel, shopping, dining and entertainment around the year with this card. 
  • Get complimentary access to select airport lounges in India.
  • Get complimentary domestic railway lounge visit per every quarter. 
  • Earn reward points on online spends. 
  • Save on dining bills at over 2500 + selected restaurants across the country through the Culinary Treats Programme

ICICI Credit Card Customer Care:


Billing Cycle 

Billing cycles are crucial for credit card functionality of credit cards. That's why it is important to understand the billing cycles for financial planning. You must know about several terms and conditions associated with credit cards. You can use your card to avail great benefits once you are aware of your credit card billing process. The billing cycle relates to your credit card bill period. The statement about the billing cycle will cover all the transactions that take place during the billing cycle.

What is Credit Card Billing Cycle?

Billing cycle appears uniquely to your credit card, you probably always meet the experience as they are relatively prevalent for utility and subscription services including loans and mortgages and much more. A billing cycle is a period for which the persistent service fee has been charged. Account fees are represented in the billing statement that will be forward to you after the end of your billing cycle. In case of credit cards, a billing statement shows you the prior balance, payments made during the billing cycle, outstanding balance interest, minimum fees and due date and new balance for the statement period. But you will receive a monthly statement for any remaining balance until your account is fully paid off even if you close your account. Some billing cycles may begin and end on the account opening date. However, sometimes billing cycle of a credit card may be shorter or longer than a typical period. The duration of a credit card billing cycle is not limited although it has a period about 27 to 30 days in some cases, you may have more days than a frequent month in your billing cycle. Normally a new credit card account begins with a zero balance on the first day of the first billing cycle. You don't have to wait for your printed copy of billing statements to make payments one can view it online by just log-in to your account and view your balance, last payment amount, credit availability and much more. Duly check your online account and keep yourself up-to-date for the available credit balance which also enables you to access any unauthorized charges. At the time of the next billing cycle, the balance will begin at the end of the preceding billing cycle and includes only those transactions which are made into your account during your next billing statement.

Concept of Billing Cycle

Your statement date is usually at least 21 days before your payment date or the date you are required to pay your bill. Any new charges will be reflected in your next statement after your statement date unless they have been paid before the due date. You do not have to pay the whole balance but least you have to pay a minimum credit card charges as per the requirements. You will be charged a late fee and your APR(Annual Percentage Rate) could be affected if you miss paying your bills regularly. The balance transfer will also be included if you transfer your balance into a new credit card. If an amount such as fuel surcharge waiver or reversal is paid back to your credit card, it is removed from the bill and the ultimate bill will be created.

Minimum Payment

You have to deposit a minimum amount on your credit on or before your credit card payment due date to keep your card active. You can also prevent late payments penalties on your credit card up to Rs 1000 by making the minimum payment. The bank will continue to charge interest on the remaining sum once the minimum payment is done.

Payment Due Dates

The minimum payment due date is 21-25 days from the last billing cycle date. This implies that you do not make any payment for purchases until your next billing cycle date. There is a period between the end date of your billing cycle and the grace period or bill due date. Usually, before the end of the grace period, you can pay your balance to avoid interest in your balance. If you do not pay your entire balance after your previous billing cycle or if you have transferred balance then you may not receive a grace period.

Grace Periods and APRS

Many issuers of the credit card give initial prices which last rather than months in certain payment cycles.
For instance, an initial rate of 12 billing cycles would effectively be around 10 months assuming a billing period of 25 days. An initial rate for the 18 billing cycles will be around 15 months. Any balance paid before the end of the grace period is effectively free of interest so the interest will not be applied until the date of the payment. In some cases, the interest is applied to the new balance if the balance is carried over into the next billing cycle. Your credit card application should include the specifics of the grace period of your card.

How your credit score is affected by Billing Cycle?

Your credit card report contains a summary of your portfolio and also your management information including your transaction history, monthly billing information and credit limit. At the end of the billing cycle, your issuer of the credit card will check your credit report which is also the closing date for your account statement. However, your card will be disclosed to the credit bureau on the last day of your billing cycle. If you need the credit card statement to display the zero balance on the card, you must have to pay the cash in advance of the last day of your bill.

Additional Points About Credit Card Billing Cycle

Creditors report at distinct times to credit bureaus- Some creditors submit to the credit bureaus at or around the closure of your statement. This can be helpful if you apply for a loan or simply try to enhance your credit because payments will reduce the credit ratio. All payment choices should be done first and foremost about your investments, but this can be a great chance to think smartly according to your financial condition. 
There might be errors in your billing statement- Due to identity theft and easy counting errors it is a fact that you may have errors in your billing statements. You must check your statement quickly and ensure that you have all the information regarding the charges. If you find any errors you must correct them within 60 days by sending in a written letter. You can also contact your credit card issuer and obey the measures mentioned in the manual when your account has been robbed or used fraudulently. 


Q: Can I use my credit card for international transactions?

A: All the credit cards issued by ICICI Bank are active for international transactions. If you are not able to use your card for international transactions, you may call the customer care from your registered mobile number to activate your credit card for international transaction purpose.

Q: How to place a request for Balance Transfer on credit card?

A: Balance Transfer facility is based on the type of credit card and also the availability of offers on your credit card. To know more information you have to call customer care from your registered mobile number.

Q: Can I change my mailing address from office to home address?

A: Yes, you can change your credit card mailing address from office address to home address by contacting customer care through e-KYC.

Q: How does the Contactless Credit Card work?

A: Contactless Credit Card has a chip and a radio frequency antenna embedded. When the Contactless Credit Card is tapped against terminal enabled for contactless payments, the card transmits payment details wirelessly, eliminating the need to insert it. Account details are communicated to the reader and then processed through the acceptance network in the usual way.

Q: Is the Contactless Credit Card more secure?

A: The ICICI Bank Contactless Card never leaves the customer’s hand when a payment is made, there is no chance for a fraudulent transaction, so he/she is always in control. This gives added security to the card.

Q: How to track my ICICI credit card status?

A: If you have applied for a credit card through a bank website then you can track the status by entering information such as your application Id, Mobile number, PAN and Date of Birth.

If you have applied for a credit card through the branch or any other channels, you can check the status of the application by visiting the respective branch.

Q: What is 3D Secure PIN in ICICI bank?

A: 3D Secure Code is a service offered by ICICI Bank in partnership with MasterCard. This service provides a way to PIN-protect your card usage on the Internet. Your 3D Secure PIN must be 6 digits in length and contain only numbers. Simply register your card and choose a 3D Secure PIN. This 3D Secure PIN will be required whenever you use your card to make Internet purchases from participating merchants.

Q: How to generate 3D secure PIN for my credit card?

A: Steps for registration of credit card for 3D Secure PIN:

1. Visit the bank website

2. Select>>> Products

3. Click on >>>Cards

4. Select>>>Credit card option

5. Click on >>>3D secure registration and OTP generation

6. Click on >>>Register for Verified by Visa / Mastercard SecureCode

7. You will get an option to create your Personal Assurance Message (PAM).

You will be asked to create a 6-digit numeric PIN. Once you enter the 6-digit numeric PIN of your choice, it becomes your 3D Secure PIN.

Q: How can I download my ICICI credit card statement?

A: You can download your credit card statement through Internet banking and iMobile app.

Internet banking:

Login to your Internet Banking Account > My Accounts > Credit Cards > Service request > Credit card statement request- E-mail > Choose the date from which date you required.

iMobile app:

Login to iMobile > Click on Select Credit Card Number> Click on Card Number > Click on More options > Select the Last/past Statement > Choose the Statement date and View/Send e-mail.

Q: To whom do the add-on credit card will be given?

A: Add-on card can be given only to immediate blood relatives of the Primary Card Holder. The bank will provide up to 4 add-on cards.

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