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In 2000, the IndusInd Bank signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the HSBC, for issuing a global credit card under the MasterCard umbrella to its customers and launched the Global Credit Card. During 2011, the bank entered into an agreement with the German-based investment bank, Deutsche Bank to acquire its credit card business in India. In 2014, the bank entered into a strategic partnership with Jet Airways to launch the new Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Credit Cards to cater to the travel group of the customer base. In 2015, the IndusInd Bank launched the Chelsea FC Co-Brand Credit Card.

List of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

About IndusInd Bank

IndusInd is a new generation bank, established during 1994 with the primary objective of serving the NRI Community.

The bank was set up under the chairmanship of S.P. Hinduja.

It is a Mumbai based bank which has operations in 1,004 branches and 1,885 ATMs across 625 geographical locations.

The bank started its operations with an initial capital amount of Rs 1 billion. The bank was promoted by a group of Non-Resident Indians who contributed Rs 400 million as a part of the capital amount and the remaining Rs 600 million was raised by Indian Residents.

To live a Premium and prestigious lifestyle IndusInd Bank offers credit card facilities to our hand. Based on specific requirements the collection of Super Premium, Premium and Co-Branded credit cards are provided by the Indusind bank to keep us always desired and comfort.


The Super Premium credit card is for them who is willing to take seamless advantages of credit cards.

Indulge credit card, Crest credit card, Celesta credit card and Pinnacle credit card comes under this category with unique services and advantages based on our needs.


This credit card charges an annual fee to cardholders but offers a wide range of specialized benefits like Travel insurance, Product warranties with an additional feature of cashback.


It is a sponsored card by two parties generally a retailer and the card issuer. Co-Branded credit cards earn product discounts, points and other rewards when used in a retailer or departmental store. It is like a normal credit card and can be used anywhere but to issue a co-branded credit card. a retailer has to be a part of the financial sector which process debit or credit card on its behalf.

Features of IndusInd Bank’s Credit Card

The following are the features of IndusInd Bank Credit Card:

Balance Transfer – IndusInd Credit card provides its cardholder a unique facility to transfer the balance from one credit card to another or to transfer the amount to any other account.

Personalized Offerings – IndusInd provides a customized credit card to match the needs and requirements of the individual customers.

Loan against Card – IndusInd credit card provides loan against card without much of paperwork at the doorsteps of the customer on demand.

Infinite Spending – IndusInd bank credit card empowers the user with a feature of NPSL (No pre-set spending limit). It means the cardholder will have additional spending flexibility over and above the base revolving credit limit providing the cardholder an extra cushion to spend over the defined credit limit.

Discount Facilities – IndusInd Bank’s credit card has tie-ups with elite brands ranging from travel to dining and hence provides great discount facilities, cash back offers and reward points to all its customers around the year.

Apply for IndusInd Bank Credit Card

The advent of technology has helped the mankind in many ways. The benefits of the internet are innumerable in nature, one such way is this that it has reduced the requirement of an individual to physically go to the respective bank to apply for a credit card. Nowadays, the banks in India has given an opportunity for the individuals to apply for a credit card of their choice through online mode.

IndusInd Bank has also given an opportunity to its esteemed customers wherein they can apply for the required credit card through its web portal. Interested customers have to visit the web page of the IndusInd Bank. In the home page under I’m interested in section, move the cursor on Cards option which will show Credit Card. Now proceed further and select Credit Card. Here one can find all the credit cards offered by IndusInd Bank. Go through each and every credit card in this section to understand the requirements and eligibility of the credit card. Choose the card which suits your financial needs and requirements.

Now click on ‘Apply Now’ option, which will take you to another web page wherein the individual has to provide their basic information like

• Where do you live currently?
• When did you move to the current residence?
• Date of Birth
• Are you an existing Jet Privilege Member?
• Type of Employment
• Name
• Mobile Number

On providing the following information, the IndusInd Bank will provide you the list of credit cards which suits your needs and requirements. Now zero in on the best credit card and apply instantly.

On receiving the request from the customers, the IndusInd Bank executives will give a call to the customer and will ask them to submit the required documents. Upon the receipt of the required documents and the scrutiny of the same, the IndusInd Bank may or may not issue a credit card to the customer.

It is solely at the discretion of the IndusInd Bank to issue a credit card to a customer.

How to apply of IndusInd Bank’s Credit Card via Offline?

For Offline application – through the bank branch, you can visit the nearest IndusInd Bank and meet a credit card handling bank’s representative and express your interest to obtain a Credit Card of your choice after going through the various credit card variants. The representative will guide you through the application filling process, wherein you will be required to fill out the form and submit the required documents.

The bank will check whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for. Based on the eligibility of the customer, they may or may not receive the credit card, it will be on the discretion of the IndusInd Bank to decide if a customer has to be given Credit Card or not.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for IndusInd Bank’s Credit Card

• To apply for IndusInd Bank’s Credit Card, the individual should be in the age bracket of 21 years to 65 years.

• The applicant should be a regular employee working in an established company or a self-employed professional managing own business.

• The individual should have a good CIBIL score.

• The applicant should be a resident of India or Non-Resident Indian.

• The applicant should have a regular source of income.

Documents Required for IndusInd Bank’s Credit Card

• One Identity Proof issued by the government of India – Election Voters ID, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, Passport, Ration Card.

• Proof of Income – Last 3 months salary slip or last 3 months bank statement.

• Duly filled in application form of IndusInd Bank Credit Card.

• Address Proof – Electricity Bill (latest or previous month), Phone Bill (latest or previous month), Rental agreement, Flat maintenance bill (latest or previous month), bank statement (latest or previous month), Passport, Driving License

• PAN Card.

• Passport size photograph.

3 Best IndusInd Bank Credit Cards

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards are crafted to provide you the finest credit card experience. From the host of options provided by IndusInd Bank, you can select the best credit card which meets all your requirements. Below we have listed the top 3 credit cards provided by IndusInd Bank that will provide you premium privileges and outstanding lifestyle benefits. Scroll down and grab its attractions.

IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card

The IndusInd Platinum Credit Card is perfect for those searching for perks in terms of lifestyle, travel and attractive reward points. The card provides several advantages and perks to fulfill your lifestyle needs which are listed below.

  • Joining fees: Nil
  • Annual fees: Nil
  • Enjoy complimentary golf lessons at select golf clubs in India.
  • Enjoy premium concierge services for pre-trip assistance, hotel reservation and more.
  • Insurance cover for card fraudulent activities.
  • Get 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel pumps of India.
  • This card perfectly suits for those looking for the best-in-class privileges.
  • Redeem your accumulated reward points against stay at Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Genesis Luxury Vouchers, cash credit, Airline Miles on affiliate airlines, and more.  

IndusInd Bank Signature Legend Credit Card

This is a contactless card powered by Visa payWave feature. The card comes with premium lifestyle benefits such as complimentary golf courses across India as well as amazing travel benefits. 

  • Joining fees: Rs.9,999
  • Annual fees: NIL
  • Spend Rs 100 on weekdays and earn 1 reward points
  • Spend Rs 100 during weekends and earn 2 reward points
  • Get one free movie ticket on purchasing of one movie ticket through BookMyShow every month
  • With a membership of Priority Pass Program get complimentary access to more than 600 airport lounges globally.
  • Get complimentary golf games and lessons at leading golf clubs across India
  • With pre-trip assistance, facility get assistance for hotel reservation and other concierge services
  • The card is perfect for those who want premium lifestyle privileges on their credit card. 
  • Redeem your accumulated reward points against amazing gift vouchers from Indus Moments, Airline Miles and cash credit.

IndusInd Signature VISA Credit Card

You can experience a number of benefits with the IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card, and earn rewards points on your spending. This card is perfect for those who want some refined tastes in their life. The card is crafted with best-in-class privileges across all the lifestyle categories such as travel, shopping, dining, hospitality and more. Experience amazing reward points for all your spendings. 

  • Get up to 100% discount on your Jet Airways base fare.
  • Get privileged access to 13 leading international brands under Genesis Luxury Vouchers
  • With exclusive IndusInd Signature Card Priority Pass program get access over 600 lounges at airports globally
  • Experience an exclusive waiver on lounge charges at over 600 airports globally with the Travel Plus Program.
  • In association with ICICI Lombard get travel insurance cover for lost baggage, delayed baggage, loss of passport, etc
  • Signature Concierge, the 24-hour concierge program for all Signature Cardholders, provides unique pre-trip assistance such as hotel bookings and travel reservations, leisure and entertainment planning, reservations for special activities such as conferences and plans for gift offers for loved ones as well.
  • Get 2.5% surcharge waiver across all fuel stations in India
  • With Signature Auto Assist, which provides roadside maintenance service, emergency fuel service, and other services related to road trip.
  • Secure your card against any unauthorized transactions in case of theft/loss of card with ‘Total Protect’
  • Get personal Air Accident Cover worth Rs 25 lakhs.
  • Spend Rs 100 across any category and earn 1.5 reward points.
  • Redeem your accumulated reward points across multiple options such as Cash credit, Air miles on partner airlines, Genesis Luxury vouchers, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts Stay Vouchers and TheMoreStore.

IndusInd Bank Duo Card

Get double benefit of credit and debit card in one card. Two Magnetic Stripes & EMV Chips come with the IndusInd Bank Duo Card. Just swipe or enter the appropriate card details to experience the freedom of paying bills and cash withdrawal without caring multiple cards in your wallet on your go. The first card in the industry comes with combo benefits that enables you to experience privilege of both credit and debit card.

Key benefits of IndusInd Bank Duo Card

  • Get Annual Movie Tickets worth Rs 3000
  • 2% Cross Currency Mark-up
  • Joining fees: Rs 249+GST
  • Free annual fee
  • Lost card liability cover up to Rs 3,00,000.
  • Air accident cover up to Rs 30,00,000.
  • Personal accident cover up to Rs 2,00,000.
  • Purchase protection cover up to Rs 50,000.
  • Daily Limits: Rs 1,25,000/- ATM ; Rs 2,00,000/- POS (Point-of-Sale)

How and where to use your IndusInd Duo Card?

Two EMV Chips & PINs come with your IndusInd Bank Duo Card. Therefore, it offers you strengthened safety and security for both your domestic and foreign purchases, in compliance with the best global transaction on safety standards.

How to use your IndusInd Duo Card at ATM?

1. By entering your debit card PIN, you can use your IndusInd Bank Duo Card as an ATM / Debit Card to withdraw cash from your bank account and make other banking transactions at an ATM. Please ensure that the 'ATM / Debit Card' (blue arrow) side of your Duo Card is inserted into the ATM card slot. For your IndusInd Bank Account, debit transactions made with your Duo Card and your Debit Card PIN appear on the statement provided to you by IndusInd Bank.

2. IndusInd Bank Duo Card can also be used as a credit card to receive a cash advance against your credit card cash limit by entering your credit card PIN. For such Cash Advances, interest charges and cash advances will be applicable. Also confirm that the 'Credit Card' (yellow arrow) side of your Duo Card is placed into the ATM card slot. In the monthly credit card statement, cash advance transfers made using your Duo Card and your Credit Card PIN will appear.

How to use your Duo Card at Point-of-Sale Merchant?

1. Please make sure that you insert your Duo Card into a POS Machine slot from the 'ATM / Debit Card' (blue arrow) side and enter your Debit Card PIN to pay for purchases using the money in your IndusInd Bank Account. These payment transactions initiated with your Duo Card and your Debit Card PIN will appear on the statement you get by the bank.

2. Please make sure that you insert your Duo Card into the POS Machine slot from the 'Credit Card' (yellow arrow) side and enter your Credit Card PIN to pay for purchases using the allocated Credit Card Limit. These Purchase Transactions initiated with your Duo Card and your Credit Card PIN would appear on your credit card statement.

3. Please make sure to swipe your Duo Card Magstripe according to your chosen Debit / Credit Card option and insert the appropriate PIN to complete the process to pay for purchases at Non Chip and PIN POS Merchant Terminals.

How to use your Duo Card for online payments?

Use your IndusInd Bank Duo Card for online shopping, pay for services, or make payments for the utility bills.

1. In order to make the purchase, please enter your debit card information (Card Number, Expiry Date, CVV) on the merchant website for online purchases using the funds in your IndusInd Bank account. The online transaction can be authenticated using the Verified By Visa password or the OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number. These Online Purchases made with your Double Debit Card info would reflect on your bank account statement. 

Rewards and Features of IndusInd Duo Credit Card

This card offers you the benefit of both credit and debit card. Apart from all the features, this card comes with amazing reward benefits. A few of the enticing benefits and rewards that the Duo Card credit card provides are mentioned below. 

  • Spent Rs 150 on every category and earn 1 reward point
  • You can redeem your accumulated reward points against a number of Indus Moments options. You can also buy personal good, electronic appliances or vouchers from Genesis Luxury and Oberoi Hotels and Resorts by using your accumulated reward points.
  • You may also opt for cash credit redemption which gives you Rs.0.75 for every reward point you earn.
  • You may even merge your points by converting to Duo Credit the ones earned on the Duo Debit and experiencing an evergreen rewards programme. Whereas this option isn't eligible for zero limit duo credit card.
  • Book a movie ticket of Rs 250 on BookMyShow and get one free movie ticket.
  • Experience complimentary Priority Pass membership that allows you access to 700 lounges around multiple countries, enabling you to experience up to 8 free lounge access per year under this program. 
  • You can enjoy a waiver of 1 per cent on fuel transactions between Rs.400 and Rs.4,000 at any filling station in India. 

Concierge services with IndusInd Bank Duo Card

Now it's time to welcome a team of experts at your service to assist you with hotel reservations, flight booking and many other lifestyle needs on a 24x7 basis. As a IndusInd Bank Duo Cardholder you can enjoy this complimentary service from every corner of the globe. All you need to do is, get in touch with the professionals by calling the Concierge Desk at 1860 267 7777 and hand over the rest to them. DUO Concierge offers you many services, some of them are: 

Pre-trip Assistance: No more need to worry about pre-trip plans, just make a record you need to know before you fly and the concierge will present you all the information regarding your travel such as travel destination, weather report, landmarks, transport facilities and more.

Booking hotel: Allow the concierge to handle your stays. The concierge will make all arrangements to ensure you have a satisfying and relaxed stay in the finest hotels globally. 

Booking flight: To make you reach your desired destination with comfort, the concierge will manage all the appropriate flight arrangements for you. 

Event and entertainment booking: In case you are interested in booking any nearby events or sports activities, the concierge is here for you to make it done. With the help DUO concierge service you will never miss your favourite event or entertainment. 

Exclusive booking: The concierge will furnish you with all the details you need and even render reservations on your behalf if you are participating in special activities such as workshops or talks by famous figures. 

Gifts and flowers: Want assistance for organizing a specific gift or want to send flowers to your loved one, hand it over to the concierge and relax yourself at your comfort. Send a gift to your nearest and dearest one no matter where he/she is with the help of concierge service. 

IndusInd Credit Card PIN Generation 

If you are using an IndusInd Bank Credit Card, you must have a PIN that is necessary for credit card transactions at POS machines and for cash withdrawals at ATMs. The PIN is a 4-digit code that has to be kept confidential for financial security purposes. If you don't have a PIN for your IndusInd Bank credit card, there are a few ways to set it up. Know the specifics of each of these procedures listed below and select the one that better suits you. IndusInd Bank Credit Card PIN will be sent to your submitted address at the time of issuance of your EMV Chip and PIN Credit Card. You may also contact IndusInd Bank Helpline number at 1860 267 7777 and submit a request to dispatch the PIN at your registered mailing address.

Generate IndusInd Credit Card PIN via Mobile App

To create a PIN for your IndusInd Bank credit card via the IndusInd Bank mobile app, follow the steps below. To make use of this facility, your credit card should first be registered with your IndusInd Bank mobile app.

  • Open the app IndusInd app and log in with your Id and Password.
  • Click on the logo of the IndusInd Bank, located on the left side of the screen
  • Select "Credit Cards", located under the "Banking Menu"
  • Click on "Credit Card Service Request".
  • Now select your credit card from the drop-down section and click on "Generate Credit Card Pin".
  • On the next step enter all the required details of your credit card.
  • Now click on "New PIN" and create a PIN of your choice.
  • Once you create a New PIN, confirm the new "PIN" and proceed.
  • Now you would be asked to insert the pattern to authenticate the transaction.
  • Now you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP on the required box and click on "Submit"
  • Once the OTP is verified you will get a successful message on the screen.

How to generate IndusInd Credit Card PIN via Net Banking

You may also choose for IndusNet-IndusInd Bank's net banking service to generate your IndusInd Bank credit card PIN conveniently. Do the following for generating the credit card PIN using this facility. 

  • Visit the official page of IndusInd Credit Card Net Banking and click on "Continue to IndusNet".
  • Now login to IndusNet by your Id and Password and go to the card tab.
  • Click on the option “To register your credit card online“
  • Now you will be redirected to the card activation page.
  • Enter the following details on the card activation page:
  • Your 16-digit credit card number
  • 3 Digit Card Verification Value (CVV)
  • Expiry date of the credit card
  • Your Date of Birth
  • After entering the above-highlighted details correctly click on "Submit"
  • Now you will get an OTP on your registered mobile number, enter the OTP on the required section.
  • Now create a 4-digit PIN of your choice and re-enter the same
  • Once it is done click on "Submit" to complete the process.
  • You will get a successful message on the screen as well as on your registered mobile number via message.

IndusInd Bank credit card PIN generation by reaching to the customer care 

If you do not have internet connectivity or are unable to use it for some cause, you can call or send an email to the customer care executive for generating IndusInd Bank credit card PIN. The service is accessible 24X7 for your convenience.

IndusInd Bank credit card customer care email- cards.care@indusind.com 

IndusInd Bank credit card customer care number- 1860 267 7777

  • Once you get connected with the customer care executive, you have to submit your credit card details for verification.
  • Please keep in mind that you must call or email to the customer care service with your registered number and id.
  • Additionally, you can also send an email to the IndusInd Bank Customer Care email which is given above. from your registered email id. 

Tips to secure IndusInd Credit Card PIN 

It is recommended that you must not share your credit card PIN or credentials with others. By following the below given factors you can keep your credit card secure.

  • Always secure your PIN and don't save your credit card credentials on any website.
  • After logging into any merchant website don't forget to log out your account
  • Never use Remember Password option for any website
  • Never use public WIFI and auto-complete facility while triggering an online transaction.

If you need more assistance or security for the credit card, call the customer care executive and follow all the instructions to secure your card.

Tips for Handling Errors in a Credit Card Statement:

Credit card statements should be carefully checked as they can sometimes contain errors. There may be major or minor errors. Errors in your credit card statements can be resolved. Use the following tips:

Keep your purchase receipts ready and compare them with the billing statement. An adjustment operation must be carried out in the history of taking account of deviations. Errors in the statements must be reported to the merchants concerned. They will solve the problems for you. Complaints should be brought to the attention of IndusInd Bank if merchants fail to resolve your complaints.

Types of errors in a credit card statement:
A credit card statement can contain two types of errors: 1) personal details and 2) financial details. Personal details include the name, mobile number, email address and billing address of a credit card user. Financial details include transaction date, transaction amount, actual payment made, transaction summary, account summary, merchant details, etc.

Pros and Cons of Having a High Credit Limit on Your IndusInd Bank Credit Card:


  • Reduces the use of credit: you have to think about what credit is for? This is your current total credit divided by your total credit limit. A higher credit limit will automatically reduce your credit usage, which will also have a positive impact on your credit score. This is one of the important factors taken into account by the major credit agencies of India before calculating your credit score.
  • Savior during the financial crisis: you will be more than happy to have a higher credit limit at a time when you are in urgent need of funds. A higher limit on your IndusInd credit card helps you. It acts as an economic cushion that you can use in times of financial crisis. It’s better to seek help from the piece of plastic in your wallet than to ask your family, loved ones or friends for money.
  • Tons of Reward Points on Purchases: You know that spending on credit cards earns you Reward Points. When your credit limit is higher, you can automatically earn more reward points by making most of your purchases with your IndusInd credit card. If you make the same purchases with your debit card, checks or cash, you will not earn any reward points.


  • Debt can build up: if you are someone who pays only the minimum amount due by the due date, you should think carefully before accepting the higher credit limit, as this habit can hurt you. You will likely spend more with a higher credit limit and the debt will continue to accumulate due to your bad habit. It is better to spend within the limits of your repayment capacity with your IndusInd credit card.
  • Renewable interest on your contributions: if you are used to paying only the minimum amount due and your expenses start to increase with an increased credit limit. This can then lead to a situation where even the minimum amount due will be out of your ability to pay. In addition, you will have to pay a higher amount of interest due to the revolving interest on your IndusInd credit card. All of these situations can have a negative impact on your credit score, thereby hampering your future credit prospects.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Login

By utilizing your net banking ID and Password, sign in to the Indusind Credit Card net banking platform and manage your credit card more conveniently. To know the process of login, please follow the below-listed steps. 

For existing User

  • Go to the official site of IndusInd Bank
  • Now under the drop-down box of LOGIN/REGISTER which is located in the right side of the page, click on Login
  • On the next page, click on Continue to Indusnet
  • Now enter your Username and Password to login.

For New User

  • Go to the official site of IndusInd Bank
  • Now under the drop-down box of LOGIN/REGISTER which is located in the right side of the page, click on Register.
  • Now under the New User section, click on Credit Card.
  • On the next page, enter your credit card details like Credit Card Number, Card Verification Value or Card Security Code, Expiry date of your card and Date of birth.
  • Now enter the Captcha Code and click on submit.
  • On the next page Enter the User Id and Password as per your choice and click on submit to confirm it.
  • A successful message will appear on the screen, click on Login on the same page.
  • Login with your newly generated User Id/Password and start exploring.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment

IndusInd provides various way to pay your dues. Cardholders can go through online as well as offline mode to make the payment. The bank also offers NetBanking, Cheque, Demand Draft option. 

Types of Online mode for IndusInd Credit Card Payment

  • NetBanking
  • Billdesk
  • Visa Money Transfer

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment via Netbanking

  • Go the official site of IndusInd Bank.
  • Now login to your NetBanking Account
  • Under Fund Transfer, choose NEFT option.
  • Add your credit card as a beneficiary and the required details.
  • Under the drop-down box select IndusInd Bank.
  • Under the drop-down box of transfer fund, select “To Any VISA Card”
  • Choose the IndusInd account you want to transfer funds from.
  • Select the card you want to make a payment to.
  • Mention the transaction amount you want to pay
  • Confirm the transaction date
  • Approve the transaction and enter the password or OTP for validation.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment via Billdesk

  • Go to the official site of Billdesk
  • Now select your card type
  • Enter your IndusInd credit card details.
  • Now enter your valid Mobile Number and Email Id.
  • Enter the amount you want to pay.
  • Under the drop-down box select your bank account.
  • Now click on submit to go to the confirmation page
  • On the next page enter your authentication details (Net Banking User ID and Password of your Bank Account / Equivalent details)
  • Now confirm your payment amount and receive an online confirmation message on the screen and in your registered mobile number.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment via Visa Money Transfer

The Visa Money Transfer (VMT) facility lets you transfer funds online from your other bank accounts to pay your monthly outstanding bill of your IndusInd Bank Visa Credit Card. Below listed banks provide outbound VMT facilities.

  • Axis Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • Catholic Syrian Bank
  • Corporation Bank
  • Development Credit Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • IDBI Bank
  • IndusInd Bank
  • Kotak Bank
  • State Bank of India
  • Standard Chartered Bank

Process to IndusInd Credit Card Payment via Visa Money Transfer

  • Go to the IndusInd Credit Card site and select Visa Credit Card bill payment option
  • Now select your IndusInd account from which you want to initiate the transfer of funds.
  • Now enter the VISA Credit Card number of the beneficiary
  • Now confirm the transaction
  • Once the transaction is complete you will get a successful message on your registered mobile number.

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Payment via Mobile Banking

You can make the payment using the IndusInd Mobile Banking App by following the below steps:

  • Open the IndusInd Mobile Banking app and log in to your account 
  • Now go to the “Credit Cards” section and select the “Pay Now” option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now select the payment option from the bank account or Swift Pay
  • Enter the payment amount and then enter the MPIN to initiate the transaction
  • Once the MPIN is verified your transaction will be processed instantly and you will get the successful message on your registered mobile number and email id.

IndusInd Credit Card Payment via UPI using the IFSC Code

Unified Payments Interface ( UPI) is a transfer of funds process that can be used for paying credit card bills. To allow the transfer of funds one needs a VPA Virtual Payment Address, or account number, and IFSC Code.

One time registration

You must register yourself by following the below steps to use this facility.

  • Download the payment app that supports the UPI payment option and register yourself by providing your mobile number.
  • Now provide additional details such as bank account number, IFSC Code, bank name, etc.
  • Complete the further registration process and create a UPI ID and PIN.

Payment Process

  • Open the app and log in to your account using the MPIN or User ID
  • Go to the UPI payments tab and tap on 'Send Money' option
  • Now enter the account number and IFSC code of IndusInd Bank Credit Card: INDB0000018
  • Confirm the details and tap on 'PAY' to complete the transaction.

Process to IndusInd Credit Card Payment via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS

You can enable your payment by credit card from any bank that provides NEFT / RTGS / IMPS facilities on their Internet banking. This service is an alternate comfort for credit cardholders of IndusInd Bank who do not have a savings account with IndusInd Bank. Below given is the process to initiate a payment and to add your credit card as a beneficiary.


  • Visit the net banking service your bank and log in with your User ID and Password.
  • Now go to the online fund transfer tab and add your credit card as a beneficiary to accept the funds.
  • Launch an online transfer of funds with your IndusInd Bank credit card as the beneficiary.

Note: While utilizing NEFT / RTGS / IMPS facility you must be sure that you enter correctly the following details when transferring funds to make your credit card bill payment

  • Your Account Number: 16 digit credit card number 
  • Beneficiary name: Your name, which must be same as it is printed on the credit card.
  • IndusInd Bank IFSC code: INDB0000018

IndusInd Credit Card Bill Payment through Paytm

Paytm has made it possible and seamless to pay online credit card bills via its website and mobile app. By using Paytm you can clear your IndusInd Credit Card dues without leaving your comfort. Follow the below-listed steps to know the payment procedure.

IndusInd Credit Card payment options at Paytm

  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card
  • Paytm Payments Bank
  • UPI (only available on Paytm Mobile App)

How to pay IndusInd Credit Card bills at Paytm?

  • Visit IndusInd Bank Credit Card Bill Payment Page on Paytm
  • Enter your IndusInd credit card number and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Now enter the bill amount and click on ‘Proceed’
  • Now select the payment option of your preference and enter all the required details.
  • Confirm all the details and complete the payment.
  • Once done you will get the successful confirmation message on your device screen.

Offline Payment Options for IndusInd Bank Credit Card

Below are the offlline credit card payment methods of IndusInd Bank

  • SWIFT transfer
  • ATM funds transfer
  • NACH facility
  • Auto Debit facility
  • Cash
  • Cheque/draft drop boxes

SWIFT Transfer

To pay the unpaid dues on your credit card, you can submit a wire transfer from every local branch abroad. IndusInd Bank is an affiliate of the SWIFT Organization (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and is collaborating with over 250 of the largest banks in the world. To trigger the transfer please follow the below-listed steps.

  • Visit your nearest bank branch and request them to get your card account credited from your correspondent bank. It is mandated to specify the currency which you want to transfer.
  • Now your bank has to enter 'OUR' in the charges section while they're starting a wire transfer.
  • This method may take between 24 and 48 hours from the time you submit the application. Remember that a wire transfer can be chargeable by your local bank.

ATM Fund Transfer

  • Visit the nearest IndusInd ATM hub and insert your card in the card slot
  • Now enter your PIN and tap on the 'VISA credit card bill payment' option.
  • Now select the IndusInd Bank account from which you want to transfer the fund
  • Now enter your credit card number as the beneficiary and complete the transaction

NACH Facility

NACH, widely known as the National Automated Clearing House, is a service that helps you to send money from your savings account into your card account electronically. NACH automatically deducted from your account and execute it towards the payment of your credit card bill. 

  • Visit the official site of IndusInd and download the NACH form
  • Fill out the form with your details, and send it to the bank via mail.  
  • Through sending this form you authorize the bank to 
  • withdraw money from your bank account for the payment of credit card dues. 

Auto Debit facility

No need to worry about forgetting the due date of your credit card. Through Auto Debit facility you can conveniently pay your credit card dues from your comfort.

  • Visit the official site of IndusInd Bank and download the Auto Debit form
  • Fill out the form and send it to the bank, by which you are allowing the bank to auto-debit the credit card bill amount from your account.

Payment Information of IndusInd Bank Credit Card

IndusInd Bank provides you with tons of options to get your credit card statement. You can access your monthly credit card statement via the below-listed services anytime anywhere.

SMS Notifications

Now getting credit card payment status is more convenient and handy. The IndusInd Bank SMS alert service helps you to receive SMS alerts to update your outstanding payment, payment due date and verify your payment receipt.

Monthly Physical Statements

Monthly IndusInd Bank Credit Card physical statement gives you the detailed information of all received payments and transactions of the statement cycle. Through the physical statement, you can get the details of all international and domestic transactions performed by you or add-on member. 

IndusInd Bank Phone Banking IVR

To get full information on your card, you can call our 24-hour Phone Banking Number at 1860 500 5004. You can use IndusInd Bank Phone Banking IVR service for:

  • Checking the outstanding balance of your credit card
  • Verifying the details of your last transactions
  • Making a confirmation of your payment receipt

IndusInd Bank CFD E-Mandate

CFD E-Mandate is a payment service that allows you to make automate recurring payments from any bank account. This payment option is regulated and managed by NPCI. The facility is digital and stable, all of your funds are credited to your IndusInd Bank account automatically. By setting up an automatic transfer with E-Mandate you are eligible to transfer funds from another bank account to your IndusInd Bank account.

Key Benefits of CFD E-Mandate

  • Get attractive interest rates on saving accounts, RD and FD
  • Easily invest in mutual funds through SIPs
  • Apply for debit/credit card and also get pre-approved loans

Why it is necessary to set-up an E-Mandate? 

  • By setting-up an E-Mandate, you can keep your IndusInd Bank accounts maintained on a daily basis and also enjoy other benefits.
  • Attractive interest rates on a savings account, FD and RD
  • Invest in mutual funds from your bank account
  • Through IndusInd Mobile get access to more than 100 features and amazing rewards
  • Get great deals in your IndusInd account for every third credit through your Mandate

How to cancel an E-Mandate?

It's easy to cancel a CFD e-mandate, you only need to visit any IndusInd branch and submit an E-Mandate Form

Indusind Bank Credit Card Status

Once an applicant has applied for Indusind credit card, he/she can track the status of the credit card via online and offline mode. After filling all the details on the bank's website applicant can avail an application id through which the status of the credit card can be tracked. Below mentioned are the methods for online and offline process. Scroll down and go through all the process.

Via Online

  • Visit the Indusind bank credit card site
  • Under the drop-down box of Login select credit card and click on Login
  • Click on Continue to Indusnet
  • Enter your Username, Password and click on Login
  • Click on Track Application Status
  • Enter Application Id, Mobile Number and click on Submit
  • On the next page, you can see the status of your credit card

Via Airway Bill Number

After the successful approval of your Indusind Credit Card application, you will receive a letter with the Air Way Bill Number of the shipment with the credit card. Through the Air Way Bill Number, you can track the status of the credit card.

  • Visit the Indusind bank credit card site
  • Under the drop-down box of Login select credit card and click on Login
  • Click on Continue to Indusnet
  • Enter your Username, Password and click on Login
  • Click on Track Application Status
  • On the next page, you have to enter your Air Way Bill Number on the required field.
  • After the successful verification of the Air Way Number, you can track the status of your credit card

Via Offline

Below two steps are the offline method to track IndusInd Credit Card Status for those who are not familiar with the online process

  • An applicant can directly call to the 24x7 customer support number 1860-500-5004 or 022-44066666. Provide your required details and know the status of your credit card.
  • Apart from this, an applicant can also go to the nearest IndusInd Bank with the Application Id. Meet with the credit card representative or bank employee provide your Application Id and track the status of your credit card

Via Date of Birth

  • An applicant can also track the status of their credit card with Date of Birth.
  • Go to the Indusind Bank Mobile Application
  • Go to the credit card section
  • Click on Track Your Credit Card
  • Enter your Date of Birth and click on Submit
  • Once the verification is complete you can see the status of your credit card.

IndusInd Credit Card Statement

With your relation with IndusInd Bank, you can now get details about your account statement at your convenience. Choose to download your monthly/quarterly savings or current account summary online in an all-new PDF format at your registered e-mail address. You can download your online statements for future reference, to print, store and archive. It is totally user friendly. E-mail statements are an online delivery of the monthly or quarterly statements, eliminating the mailed paper statements. This service comes FREE of cost to you and is just another step to enhance customer's experience by IndusInd Bank.

Eligibility to get email statement

All types of credit cardholders can avail this online facility, To register download and submit the Mobile Banking Registration form and send it to your branch or call our Customer Support Center at 1860 500 5004 (Free Toll MTNL / BSNL) or 022-4406 6666

Features and Benefits of IndusInd E-statement

  • You can review your e-statement in the format of Adobe Acrobat (PDF), which is simple to open on any device.
  • You can download, save, print, archive and
  • view your e-statementsYou can download, save, print, archive and
  • view your e-statements as per your convenience
  • No, any hidden charges are applied to get e-statement
  • Get your statements in time with no mail errors and no skipped declarations
  • The e-statement is exactly same as the physical statement and now currently issued with Bank's logo
  • Easy registration process with fast and convenient service provided by IndusInd Bank.

Process to download IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Below listed are the online methods to get IndusInd Credit Card statement.

Net Banking

  • Visit IndusInd Credit Card net banking page and log in to your account using your Id/Password.
  • Now under the ‘Credit Cards’ section and click on ‘View Statement’ 
  • Now set a preferred date range for which you want to download the statement.
  • Now click on ‘Get Statement’ option and a PDF file of your statement will be downloaded automatically on your device.

IndusInd Mobile App

  • Launch the IndusInd Mobile App and login to your mobile banking account.
  • On the homepage click on the, ‘I Owe’ option under ‘Account Overview’ section
  • Now click on the "Credit Card Details" option and you will see all the details of your credit card.
  • Now click on the ‘View Statement’ option and you can see the details of your last credit card statement.

Process to get IndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement Offline

To download the IndusInd Credit Card statement via offline methods, please follow the below-given instructions.

Customer Care Service: 

  • Please contact IndusInd Bank Customer Service by calling 1860 267 7777 and submit a request to generate your credit card statement.
  • Once the verification is done by the customer care executive you will get the credit card statement according to your preferred time duration.

Post Service:

  • Submit a request to the bank to get a hard copy of your statement via post service on your doorstep from IndusInd Bank.

Nearest IndusInd Branch

  • Visit your nearest IndusInd branch and meet a bank representative to submit a request to generate your credit card statement.
  • Once the request is approved you will get your credit card statement instantly.

Indusind Bank Credit Card Ifsc Code

The IFSC Code for Indusind credit card payments is INDB0000018. The first 3 letters “IND” are used to refer the bank's name and the zero is useful for future. The character 000018 were named in such a way that it helps to identify a particular branch of Indusind Bank. To use this key for credit card payments, the cardholder may trigger a transfer of funds after the registration process for the payee/beneficiary.

How to Know Indusind Bank Credit Card Ifsc Code?

  • Visit the Indusind Bank Credit Card site and go to the page 'Payment NEFT / RTGS / IMPS Facility'
  • Here you can find the Ifsc Code of Indusind Bank
  • The code can also be found on a credit card related brochure which has been issued to the customer by the bank.

How to add Indusind Credit Card as beneficiary?

  • Log-in to the Internet Banking facility of any bank
  • Go to the add beneficiary page
  • From the drop-down menu, select IndusInd Bank
  • Select your branch and ensure that the IFSC Code is INDB0000018
  • Provide your IndusInd Bank Credit Card Number on the required space

Below given details are required to add Indusind Credit Card as a beneficiary

  • Account number: Your 16 digit credit card number (without any space or special character)
  • Beneficiary name: Credit card Holder name
  • IndusInd Bank IFSC code: INDB0000018

How to Pay Credit Card Bills by IFSC Code?

  • Login to the Internet Banking Portal
  • Add your credit card as a beneficiary
  • After the successful activation initiate the transfer of funds through NEFT

IndusInd Credit Card Billing and Statement

  • For any payment cycle for which there is any purchase or an outstanding balance of at least Rs.50 on the card account, the bank may issue a physical statement at the Cardholders mailing address or an email statement at the Cardholders registered email address once every month.
  • Non-receipt of a declaration would not affect the obligations and liabilities of the Cardholder under this provision, and he / she would be responsible to repay at least the minimum due amount before the due date of payment. 
  • Minimum Amount Due is determined by IndusInd Bank at its sole discretion as 5 per cent of Total Amount Due or any other amount. Please notice that making the minimum payment each month will only lead to Interest paid on all subsequent transactions from the date of the transaction itself and also on the repayment which extends over a period of time with resultant interest payment on the outstanding balance. For example: On a transaction of Rs.10,000 if only Minimum Amount Due (subject to a minimum of Rs.100) is reimbursed every month, it will take 272 months for the entire outstanding to be reimbursed at 3.83 per cent p.m. And also keep in mind that the Minimum Amount Due is added in full to EMIs and any amount Over Credit Limit.  

Indusind Bank Credit Card Payment Billdesk

Through billdesk service, you can pay your credit card bills from any bank account. Billdesk allows applicants to pay their credit card bill quickly and conveniently No need to visit the bank or to write cheques. Simply log in with your account and complete your payment process.

Benefits of Indusind Bank Credit Card Billdesk

  • Manage your IndusInd credit card bills and expense records at one place.
  • Get convenient and hassle-free payment process
  • Make payments from any bank account
  • Set up auto-pay feature and reminders for your Indusind Credit Card bills
  • Track the dues of your Indusind Credit Card bills no matter where you are
  • Get 24x7 customer support, the applicant can call to 02242044801 or write to support@billdesk.com  to solve any Indusind credit card related queries.

How to pay Indusind Credit Card bill via Billdesk?

Applicants can make payments to their Indusind Credit Card in 3 easy steps. Scroll down and go through all the steps to make your payment complete

Enter your Indusind Credit Card payment details

  • Enter your Indusind Credit Card number and email id
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay
  • From the drop-down section select the bank account you want to pay from.
  • Click on PAY to and you will be redirected to the payment gateway of your selected bank

Confirm your Payment

  • Enter your User Id and Password
  • Confirm your payment amount
  • Click on Login and your will account will be debited online
  • Your IndusInd Credit Card account would be credited within 3 working days. So it is suggested to the Indusind credit cardholders to make payments at least 3 working days before the payment due date.

Online Confirmation

  • After completing all the process you will get an online confirmation and a transaction reference number
  • You will get the transaction details on your registered mobile number
  • Also, get an email acknowledgment for your transaction

IndusInd Bank Credit Card Rewards

IndusInd Bank is the one that offers you more than the standards. To enhance your banking experience IndusInd Reward Program has been crafted to make your spending habits more exciting. With the choice of Savings Accounts from IndusInd Bank, in addition to the flexibility of accessing your account anytime, wherever, the 'Indus Rewards' program benefits you for your spending.

Rewards Points According to the IndusInd Credit Card

  • With IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 and earn 0.70 Reward Point
  • With IndusInd Bank Crest Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on domestic/international transactions and get 0.70 Reward Point
  • With IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on POS/E-commerce platform and get 0.70 Reward Point
  • With IndusInd Bank Legend Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on weekends and earn 0.70 Reward Point.
  • With IndusInd Bank Signature Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 and get 0.70 Reward Point.
  • With IndusInd Bank Iconia Visa Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on weekends and get 0.70 Reward Point.
  • With IndusInd Bank Iconia American Express Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on weekends and earn 0.70 Reward Point.
  • With IndusInd Bank Celesta American Express Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on domestic/international transactions and get 0.70 Reward Point.
  • With IndusInd Bank Platinum Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 150 and get 1.2 Reward Points
  • With IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Card (Home Plan) spend a minimum of Rs 100 and get 1.4 Savings Points
  • With IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card (Home Plan) spend a minimum of Rs and earn 1.4 Savings Points.
  • With IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 and earn 1 SpendMiles
  • With InterMiles IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs on weekends and earn 1 InterMiles
  • With InterMiles IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on week offs and earn 1 InterMiles.

How to earn savings points on IndusInd Bank Credit Card?

IndusInd Bank Platinum Aura Credit Cardholders can earn savings (instead of Reward Points) when they use their card to spend money. One savings points come with a value of Rs.0.5 or 0.5 air miles. The spending has been categorized into 4 plans which are:

Platinum Aura Shop Plan: On every Rs.100 spend one can earn savings points using his / her own card according to the plan. The number of points one can earn under the plan are listed below.

  • 4 points for spending on departmental stores
  • 2 points for purchasing electronic products and home appliances
  • 1.5 points on purchasing books
  • 1.5 points on dinings
  • 0.5 points on other spends

Platinum Aura Home Plan: According to this program, cardholders collect the following savings points for each Rs.100 they spend using their card in each category.

  • 4 points for spending on grocery
  • 2.5 points for paying mobile bills
  • 1.5 points for paying an insurance premium
  • 2.5 points for paying electricity bills
  • 1.5 points for spending on medical categories
  • 0.5 points on other spends

Platinum Aura Travel Plan: According to this program, cardholders receive the below savings points for each Rs.100 they spend with their card in each category.

  • 2.5 points on booking flight tickets
  • 4 points on booking hotels
  • 1.5 points for spending on car rents
  • 1.5 points for booking railway tickets
  • 0.5 points on any other spends

Platinum Aura Party Plan: Cardholders enjoy the following amount of savings points for each Rs.100 they spend using their card in each category, according to this plan. 

  • 2 points for spending on departmental stores
  • 4 points on booking dining
  • 2 points for spending at Pubs and Bars
  • 1.5 points on booking movie tickets
  • 0.5 points on other spends

Earn FlightMiles, SpendMiles and PartnerMiles on IndusInd Bank Worldmiles Credit Card

Under the WorldMiles program IndusInd Bank Worldmiles Credit Cardholders can enjoy FlightMiles (instead of Loyalty Points) on booking of domestic airline using their credit card. Based on the percentage of overall flight fare and the Ticketed – Point – Mileage (TPM) such air miles are issued.  

Credit cardholders are also eligible to earn miles on booking of international flight tickets. The WorldMiles program is categorized into different cities and each region are deemed for evaluating the TPM. A cardholder will be eligible to earn WorldMiles if he / she book a flight between these regions. Such miles are determined by the amount you pay for the fares compared to the total fare in each zone between the cities.  

How to redeem your IndusInd Credit Card Reward Points?

In the present era where nearly every bank has its own reward point program, there's still countless opportunities ready to redeem those points. With 16 Credit Card choices to select from, Indus Moments is among IndusInd Bank's initiatives to serve its credit card users to redeem IndusInd credit card loyalty points, earned through the smart use of their credit cards. But one insightful means of redeeming points is against the purchase of amazing gift vouchers, But apart from this IndusInd Credit Card users a place to buy their preferred Vouchers. Redeeming your accumulated reward points against gift vouchers is one of the simplest and most fair approaches.

Not only do you have the right to choose from hundreds of major domestic and international brands, but also you get exclusive coupons that allow you the freedom to buy garments and apparel, food and drinks, smartphone and electronics, home appliances and even more from leading brands. All you need to do is choose your preferred redemption amount, choose your favourite brand or product and redeem the gift card according to the points allocated for redemption. It is so easy!

Voice Banking IndusAssist on Alexa

Now use IndusAssist with Amazon's Alexa to speak the language of choice.  This allows you to check the balance of your account, transfer funds, pay your IndusInd credit card bills, and more by speaking to Alexa. Recently, Active. Ai collaborated with IndusInd Bank, enabling them with colloquial AI by utilizing the Triniti, AI Platform. The financial institution is now facilitated with AI-based Alexa Skill – 'IndusAssist' – which allows its customers to perform non - financial and financial banking transactions using voice-based instructions on Amazon Echo and other Alexa-supported devices. IndusInd account holders will need to use the Alexa app on their smartphone to initiate a one-time enrollment process to link their bank details. 

Pre-registration, all requests for authentication and transaction will remain voice-based, thus giving consumers a more interactive banking experience. By completing the one-time registration, customers can recharge their mobile, pay credit card outstanding dues, simply through a voice command such as "Alexa, ask IndusAssist to recharge my mobile number," "Alexa, ask IndusAssist to pay my credit card bill."  Supported with the voice-based framework, IndusInd Bank can now facilitate its customers to easily and efficiently initiate voice-based banking transactions such as fund transfer, bill payments, recharges, account information and much more.

What are the services you can access using your voice?

If you don’t have any specific choices to access the services on Alexa, below listed are some recommendations that you can use to start with. First, be sure to trigger IndusAssist skill.

  • Fund Transfer
  • Recharge
  • Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • Credit Card
  • Overdraft account
  • Deposit account
  • Loan account
  • All products/services

Process to link your IndusInd bank account with your Alexa device

To get started tap your Alexa App or log in to your Amazon account and activate the IndusAssist skill. After that follow the below-given steps to to link your IndusInd bank account with your Alexa device.

  • Enter your registered mobile number and validate the OTP
  • Now select the registration option and submit the related details.
  • Select from Net Banking, Mobile Banking, Debit Card and Credit Card
  • Accept the T&C and generate a Voice Pin.
  • Select and confirm default preferences such as: Debit Account, Credit Card Account, UPI ID, Mobile Recharge Details and DTH Recharge Details
  • Once you confirm the default preferences your account will be activated. 

What is a CIBIL Score?

A CIBIL score is a three-digit numeric summary of an individuals credit history. This score is derived using the credit history which can be found in the CIBIL report also referred to as credit information report (CIR). A CIR informs an individuals credit payment history be it with credit institutions or loans over some time though the report does not contain any information related to individuals savings, fixed deposits or any other kind of investments.

The CIBIL score is calculated based on the credit behaviour which is reflected as the Accounts and “Enquiries section of your CIR and it usually ranges between 300 – 900. A score which is above 700 is usually considered as a good one. A high CIBIL score denotes an excellent financial discipline and an individuals integrity. A good CIBIL score comes in handy at the time of applying for a loan or credit card.

Who Computes the CIBIL Score?

The TransUnion CIBIL which plays the role of a Credit Bureau or Credit information company computes the CIBIL score of individuals. The entity was set up in 2000. CIBIL score will be calculated based on the consumer information which is stored in their repository.

Good and Bad Score of CIBIL




Meaning of CIBIL Score


    300 – 500


It is a poor score and indicates too many discrepancies in past for loan payments that it cannot be ignored. Until and unless an individual works on credit improvements or repair, it is not possible to secure a loan from any bank.


    500 – 700


This range shows that you have either delayed or defaulted a few times in the past. It is difficult to obtain a personal loan with this score and a private lender may levy hefty interest rates.


    700 – 750


This one is a good score for secured loans. In the case of unsecured ones, the banks might investigate further (social score) or impose marginally higher rates.


    750 – 850


More than 79% of loan sanctions are successfully done for those who have a CIBIL score of 750+. A score above 800 is considered high and one can even easily ask for a lower rate of interest in case of personal loans and credit cards.


     850 – 900


This is an excellent score and it shows that the individual has never defaulted even once.


Indusind Credit Card Customer Care

Call on the below-given toll-free number to solve your any credit card related query.

1860 500 5004

Apart from this, you can send an email to solve your credit card related query. Kindly send a mail to the below-given mail address:



Q: What are the types of credit cards available in IndusInd bank?

A: The Credit cards offered by IndusInd Bank are specially designed to meet customers needs and wants. Here are some credit cards listed below.

  • Super Premium Credit Cards:- Indulge Credit Card, Crest Credit Card, Pinnacle Credit Card.
  • Premium Credit Cards:-Legend Credit Card, Signature Credit Card, Nexxt Credit Card, DUO card, Iconia Credit Card, Platinum Credit Card, Platinum Select Credit Card, Platinum Aura Credit Card, Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card.
  • Pioneer Credit Cards:- Pioneer Legacy Credit Card, Pioneer Heritage Credit Card.
  • Co-branded Credit Cards:- Thomas Cook Signature Credit Card, Thomas Cook Platinum Credit Card, WorldMiles Credit Card, Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card, Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card, PAYBACK Credit Card.
  • Core Credit Cards:- Gold Credit Card, Classic Credit Card, Business Gold Credit Card.

Q: Can I avail loans using my IndusInd Bank credit cards?

A: Yes, you can avail loan based on your credit card. IndusInd Bank customers have the additional privilege of availing a pre-approved Indus Easy Loan using their credit cards, depending on their unutilized credit limit.

Q: What are the annual charges of IndusInd Bank Credit Cards?

A: The annual charges depends on your credit card. Apart from Platinum Select, Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odessey Credit Card and Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card all the other credit cards have nil annual fee and the joining fee starts from Rs.249.

Q: What are the benefits of IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card?

A: If you are looking for best offers that will satisfy every aspect of your lifestyle, you can go for the Iconia Credit Card from IndusInd Bank.

Features and Benefits of IndusInd Bank Iconia Credit Card are presented below:

  • You can get a fuel surcharge discount of 2.5% at all petrol pumps in the country.
  • Enjoy your business and personal trips with numerous offers and access to more than 600 domestic as well as international airport lounges.
  • Get lost baggage insurance coverage of up to Rs 100,000.
  • Enjoy concierge services such as hotel reservation, exclusive booking, flight booking etc.
  • Get lost baggage insurance coverage of up to Rs 100,000.
  • You can avail auto assist services such as fuel supply, roadside repair, battery service, towing assistance, medical assistance etc.

Q: What are the benefits of IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card?

A: The Platinum Select Credit Card from IndusInd Bank comes with attractive benefits that make it ideal for people with premium lifestyles.

Features and Benefits of IndusInd Bank Platinum Select Credit Card:

  • You can avail fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% at all petrol pumps across the country.
  • Enjoy auto assist services such as battery service, towing assistance, medical assistance & accident management, fuel supply etc.
  • Get vouchers from Satya Paul as a welcome bonus, which can be redeemed at all of its stores across the country.
  • Get access to an enhanced travel assist program called Travel Plus.
    Get insurance protection against unauthorised transactions and fraud.

Q: What is IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Card?

A: An IndusInd Indulge credit card is one of a kind of credit card, with a pure 22k gold inlay, this card caters to the elite with no pre-set spending limit set by the bank. Indulge like never before with personalized chefs, chartered planes and yachts, art advisory services and much more using IndusInd Bank Indulge Credit Cards. An IndusInd Indulge credit card redefines success and leadership in a new way.

Q: How many add-on credit cards are available in IndusInd bank?

A: One can apply for 5 add on cards only on the Classic credit cards offered by IndusInd Bank. The add on cardholders will mostly have the same benefits and privileges that of Primary credit card and the credit limit will be the same. The SMS will go to primary cardholders mobile number only while using the credit card.

Q: How does a WorldMiles Credit Card useful to a traveller?

A: IndusInd bank has specially designed WorldMiles Credit Card for air travellers. Customers can earn FlightMiles with every journey they undertake to any city across India. WorldMiles can be redeemed for free air tickets on any airline in India without any taxes or hidden charges. FlightMiles earned will be calculated based on the percentage of the fuel fare that a customer pays to travel between two cities.

Q: What is the CVV number?

A: The CVV Number (Card Verification Value) is a 3 digit number mentioned on the back side of your credit card on the right side of the signature panel. This 3 digit number is an essential part of the verification process especially in case of online transactions. The CVV number should not be disclosed to anyone at any of the circumstances.

Q: What are the charges of IndusInd bank credit cards?

A: The charges levied by the bank on credit card varies from one card to another card. Some of the common charges are as follows:- joining fee, annual fee, duplicate statement fee, late payment charge, cash withdrawal fee, service tax, ECS or cheque return charges, over-limit charges.

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