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The Punjab National Bank became the latest big player to enter into the credit card market in the year 2000 with the launch of two types of variants namely – Gold and Classic. In the same year, an international co-branded credit card of Punjab National Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was launched in New Delhi.

List of Punjab National Bank Credit Cards

Punjab National Bank

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) was born on May 19, 1894.

The founding board was drawn from different parts of India, proclaiming different faiths and varied background. The common objective of the bank remained with providing the country with a truly national bank which in future will improve the economic interest of the country.

The bank started its operations and started doing business on April 12, 1895.

As of March 31, 2017, the bank has over 80 million customers with 6,937 branches and 10,681 ATMs spread across 764 cities.

The bank has a banking subsidiary located in United Kingdom known as PNB International Bank, with seven branches in the UK. The bank also has branches located in Dubai, Kabul, Hong Kong and Kowloon. It has representative offices in many countries across the globe.

The Punjab National Bank has stakes in various banks in foreign countries. In Nepal PNB owns 20% of Everest Bank Limited, it has 50 branches. In Bhutan, it has 51% stake in Druk PNB Bank, it has five branches. In Kazakhstan, it owns 84% stake in JSC (SB) PNB Bank, it has four branches.

Features of Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card

The following are the features of Punjab National Bank’s Credit cards

Add on Credit Card – The Punjab National Bank’s credit card provides an opportunity to apply for add-on card facility at the time of applying for the credit card or at a later date as prescribed in the application format. One person can apply for up to two free add-on credit cards for parents/spouse/son/unmarried daughters. The age of the add-on card applicants should be more than 18 years.

Balance Transfer Facility – With Punjab National Bank credit card, one can transfer the outstanding amount of other credit cards to PNB Global credit card and can thus reduce the trouble of paying the high rate of interest. The cardholder can avail the facility of transfer of the outstanding balance of his/her other bank’s credit card to PNB Global card at a lesser rate of interest which has lower finance charges. It has an EMI Scheme with a repayment period spread over 6 months at a finance charge of 0.99% per month.

EMI Facility – Punjab National Bank provides convenience for its customers to enjoy a holiday, or shop for the articles on the buy list and repay the total amount within a period of 3 to 36 months utilizing the bank’s Easy Pay Plan facility. The spending should be equal to or more than Rs 2,500 in a single retail transaction. This offer is not applicable for purchase of jewelry, fuel, and cash withdrawal. The facility is available on request within 30 days of transaction or payment due date (whichever is earlier). The EMI Application Form is available online in the bank’s web portal.

Utility Bill Payment – By using the credit card offered by the Punjab National Bank, one can pay utility bills including electricity bills, telephone/mobile bills, and so on through the bank’s web portal.

Global Customer Entitlement – Punjab National Bank’s credit card has worldwide acceptance. It has been accepted across 29 million Merchant establishments and more than 1 million ATMs for hassle-free travel, shopping, entertainment, movies, groceries, dining and so on. In India, the card is accepted at more than 4,40,000 Merchant establishments and across 32,000 ATMs for cash withdrawal.

Benefits of Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card

The following are the benefits of Punjab National Bank’s Credit cards

Free Credit Period – The Punjab National Bank provides free credit period for the credit cardholders. The user can get up to a minimum of 20 days and a maximum of up to 50 days free credit period on any purchases without any finance charge being levied on the respective credit card account. This is applicable provided the total payment due as shown on the statement of the customer is settled in full on or before the payment due date. This facility is not available on cash withdrawal from ATMs.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver – The bank will waive the surcharge that is generally levied on the fuel purchase through credit card for the bank's credit card customers on spending between Rs 400 to Rs 3000, across all the petrol pumps in India.

Purchase Railway Ticket – The Credit Cardholder of Punjab National Bank can purchase or book for the Indian Railways ticket using the credit card either at the railways ticketing counters or through online facility.

Revolving Credit Facility – The cardholder can choose to pay the minimum amount due as shown on the monthly statement and revolve the balance amount to next month’s billing cycle. The remaining balance can be settled at a specified finance charge with the prevailing rate which is 2.45% on monthly basis and it is 29.81% on an annual prevailing interest. The interest rate charges are calculated based on the average daily balance.

PNB Credit Card Apply

An applicant can apply for Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card through by visiting the nearest branch of Punjab National Bank.


An aspiring applicant can also apply through online by visiting the bank’s web portal

How to apply for Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card through Offline?

Applicants can directly walk into the nearest branch of the Punjab National Bank and express the desire to obtain a credit card from the bank.

The bank executive will explain you about the features of all the credit cards after understanding the annual income, needs, and requirements of the prospective customer.

Once the applicant zeroes in the card as per the requirement, he/she will be asked to fill in the application form and enclose the required documents which include PAN card, identity proof, address proof, income proof and so on.

The bank representative will thoroughly go through the application form along with the other submitted documents provided by the applicant and will take a final call whether the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the credit card for which they have applied for. Once the check is done the applicant will be provided with the desired credit card.

It will be at the discretion of the Punjab National Bank to decide if a customer has to be given Credit Card or not.

Apply For PNB Credit Card Online

Applicants have to first visit the bank's website in the home page of the Punjab National Bank. Towards the right side of the web page, a list of different services as offered by the bank will appear. Select the Cards option from the list. From the list select the Credit Card option and proceed further. Check each and every credit card, which the bank offers for its customers go through all the features and benefits provided by the credit card to its users. Analyze your personal needs and requirements and select the card which suits your needs and requirements after evaluating all the privileges.

Upon selection of the card, now proceed further and click on the Card Application Form which appears in a column under the heading Online Credit Card Entry towards the right side of the web page.

Now the page will ask you to provide information about yourself, fill in all the details correctly as per the requirements. The list of information includes:

• Type of Card

• Salutation

• First Name

• Middle Name

• Last Name

• Name on Card

• Gender

• Date of Birth

• Mother’s Maiden Name

• Residential Address

• City

• State

• STD Code

• Landline Number

• Mobile Number

• Pin Code

• Permanent Address

• Employment Details

• Bank Details

Once the above-mentioned details are filled in, check it thoroughly before submitting the same through online.

Once the details are received by the bank, it will check the application thoroughly and decide whether the candidate is eligible to avail the credit card for which they have applied for or not. Based on the eligibility of the customer, they may or may not receive the credit card, it will be on the discretion of the Punjab National Bank to decide whether a customer has to be given credit card or not.

Punjab National Bank (PNB) GENIE

The Punjab National Bank has launched an app which acts as a single point destination for cardholders to operate their Punjab National Bank’s credit card easily without facing any hassles. One can quickly download this app and log in using the PNBCard Online User ID and Password to manage the account.

The app gives the user the following list of services:

• Payment history

• PIN generation

• Instant card Hot-listing

• Details of latest unbilled transactions

• Past statement records

• You can raise service request and can track its closure as well.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card

• An applicant should be in the age group of 21 years to 65 years.

• The age of add-on cardholder should not be less than 21 years and not more than 65 years at the time of submitting the application.

• The applicant should have at least passed the 10th standard exams.

• For Classic Card the income limit for the salaried class is minimum of Rs 1,00,000 per annum & for a self-employed minimum of Rs 1,00,000 per annum.

• For Gold Card: Salaried people minimum of Rs 2,50,000 per annum and for a self-employed minimum of Rs 2,00,000 per annum.

• For Platinum Cardholders: Salaried people and a self-employed minimum of Rs 5,00,000 per annum.

• The applicant should be a Resident Indian.

• The applicant should be an existing customer of the bank.

• The applicant should have a bank account maintained with the PNB at least for a period of 6 months.

Documents Required To get Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card

Identity Proof – Passport / PAN Card / Aadhaar Card / Driving License/ Election Voters ID Card

Income Proof – Latest Income Tax Return Form/ Form 16/ Salary Slip/ Salary Certificate

Address Proof – Telephone Bill/ Passport/ Electricity Bill/ Bank Passbook / Letter from recognized public authority / Aadhaar Card/ Ration Card

• PAN Card copy

• A color photograph

• Last three months bank statement

What are the maximum and minimum limits for the credit card in Punjab National Bank?

For Classic Card minimum limit is Rs 10,000 and maximum limit is Rs 1,00,000.

For Gold Card, minimum limit is Rs 50,000 and maximum limit is Rs 5,00,000.

For Platinum Card, minimum limit is Rs 50,000 and maximum limit is Rs 10,00,000. 

How much of time will it usually take to approve a credit card?

Once the application reaches the production center of the Punjab National Bank, it generally takes 10-15 working days to process the application. After approval, the card will be dispatched either by courier or speed post, which usually takes another 7-15 working days depending on the location of the customer.

PNB Credit Card Login

To enjoy all the net banking features provided by Punjab National Bank, please sign in to with your ID and Password. Manage your credit card more conveniently from your comfort. PNB Credit Card login process are listed below, please follow the instructions and complete the registration/login process. 

How to Register

  • Visit the Punjab National Bank site
  • Under the drop-down box of Login, click on Customer
  • On the next page, click on New User
  • Choose your Login Id and Password, enter your Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email and Captcha Code
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on Submit

How to Login

  • Visit the Punjab National Bank site
  • Under the drop-down box of Login, click on Customer
  • On the next page enter your Username and Password
  • Enter the captcha code and click on Submit
  • On the next page, you can explore the online credit card services

Process to change PNB Net Banking Password

Customers can change their PNB Net Banking accout password in a very seamless way. Follow the steps below to change the password.

  • Visit the PNB site and go to the 'Login' tab
  • Click on 'Customer' and enter your net banking id. (In case of new customer you have to get registered for generating the Id and Password)
  • Now enter the 'Password and login to your account to change the PNB net banking password.

You can also follow the below steps for the same:

  • Go to the PNB Credit Card site and head to the login tab
  • Now click on 'Customer' and then click on 'Forget Password'
  • Now enter the required details and create a new password
  • Now click on the 'Submit' icon and you are done

PNB Credit Card Payment

Punjab National Bank provides its credit cardholders with a numerous way to pay their credit card dues. Applicants can go through both online and offline process. Below given are the step by step tutorial to pay your credit card bills through both the process.

PNB Credit Card Payment Options

  • Auto Debit
  • Cash Payment/Cheque/Draft
  • ECS
  • Internet Banking
  • Online Payment
  • Payment through NEFT
  • VISA Money Transfer Facility

PNB Credit Card Payment by Using Auto Debit Facility

  • Visit to the PNB Credit Card site
  • Under the drop-down box of payment options, click on Auto Debit
  • Choose either from minimum due amount or the total due amount
  • Set a date for auto-debit
  • Enter the One-time Password you receive to your registered mobile number in the required space
  • Confirm the details and a successful message will be delivered to your registered Mobile number

PNB Credit Card Payment by Using ECS Facility

  • Visit to the PNB Credit Card site
  • Under the drop-down box of payment options, click on ECS
  • Download the ECS Form
  • Fill-up the form and submit on the nearest branch
  • The funds will be debited from your next billing cycle

PNB Credit Card Payment by Using Internet Banking Facility

  • Visit to the PNB Credit Card site
  • Under the drop-down box of payment options, click on Internet Banking
  • Read the instructions carefully
  • Login to PNB Netbanking Account by using your PNB Id and Password
  • Link your credit card by entering all the required details
  • Click on Pay Credit Card Bill
  • Enter all the required details and confirm the transaction
  • The fund will be debited instantly and you will get a successful message on your registered mobile number

PNB Credit Card Payment Online 

  • Visit to the PNB Credit Card site
  • Under the drop-down box of payment options, click on Online Payment
  • Enter your 16 digit PNB Credit Card number and the amount you wish to pay
  • From the drop-down section select the bank account you want to pay from.
  • You will be redirected to the payment page of your selected bank
  • Enter your User Id and Password
  • Confirm your payment amount
  • Click on Login and your will account will be debited online
  • After completing all the process you will get an online confirmation and a transaction reference number
  • You will get the transaction details on your registered mobile number
  • Also get an email acknowledgement for your transaction

PNB Credit Card Payment NEFT

Before making payment through NEFT credit cardholder must ensure that originating bank must have NEFT facility. Applicants must provide the transaction code no.52 as per the RBI rules.

  • Login to Netbanking facility of PNB
  • Go to the online fund transfer module
  • Add your PNB Credit Card as a beneficiary
  • Initiate the transaction with the PNB Credit Card as the beneficiary

Enter the below-given details correctly to make the payment complete:

  • Name of the Designation Bank- Punjab National Bank
  • IFSC Code- PUNB0112000
  • Name of Destination Branch: ECE House, New Delhi
  • Type of Destination Account: Current Account
  • Number of Destination Account: Enter your 16-digit credit card number
  • Transaction Code: 52

PNB Credit Card Payment by VISA Money Transfer Facility

  • Visit to the PNB Credit Card site
  • Under the drop-down box of payment options, click on VISA Money Transfer Facility
  • Go through all the guidelines and complete your payment

PNB Credit Card Payment Through Paytm

Paytm has made the method of paying online credit card bills fast and convenient through its mobile app and website. All major card networks are supported by Paytm online payment gateway including Punjab National Bank. Use the Paytm app to manage your PNB Credit Card and pay the bills accordingly.

PNB Credit Card bill payment options through Paytm

Pay your PNB credit card bills via Paytm using any of the following payment methods:

  • Debit Cards
  • Net Banking
  • Paytm Payments Bank
  • UPI (accessible only on Paytm Mobile App)

Process to pay PNB Credit Card bills through Paytm

To pay your credit card bills using Paytm, follow the steps listed below:

  • Launch the Paytm app on your mobile and tap on the ‘More’ option from the right section of the payment tab.
  • Now go to the ‘Recharge & Bill Payment’ section and tap on the ‘Credit Card’ option.
  • Now tap on 'Punjab National Bank Bill Payment' and enter your PNB credit card number and the bill amount.
  • Now tap on 'Proceed' and choose the bill payment option mentioned above as per your convenience.
  • Now complete the transaction by following the further on-screen instructions
  • Once done you will get the transaction details on your device screen as well as you will get an SMS from the bank on your registered mobile number.

PNB Credit Card Bill Desk

Pay your PNB Credit Card bill via Bill Desk service by following the below-given steps.

  • Visit Bill Desk portal and get registered in case if you are a new user.
  • Now login with your credentials and enter your credit card details.
  • Now enter the bill amount along with your registered mobile number and email id.
  • Now select the payee bank account and complete the payment
  • Once the payment is done you will get an online transaction confirmation and a Transaction Reference Number.

Process to Pay PNB Credit Card Bill via Offline

If you don't want to pay your credit card bill online, you can through offline methods, Below listed are the steps for the same.

Cash Payment

  • Visit your nearest PNB branch and fill out the deposit form.
  • Now enter your PNB credit card number in the account number section.
  • Now enter the bill amount and your registered mobile number.
  • Now put a signature on the form and submit the form at the cash payment counter.
  • Once the payment is done you will get the receipt instantly at the counter.

Cheque/ Demand draft

  • Make a cheque/demand draft in favor of PNBXXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX (16-digit PNB credit card number)
  • Submit the cheque or demand draft at the drop boxes of any of your nearest PNB branches or ATMs.

PNB Credit Card Balance

Punjab National Bank, which offers excellent add-ons including rewards and benefits. But the main advantage of the Punjab National Bank Credit Card is user-friendliness. Below given are the methods from which you can check your PNB Credit Card Balance. On your smartphone, you can even do net banking, as the website is designed for mobile browsing. In Internet Banking, you will use the same user name and password. The strategies for menus and payment are close, too. This service is helpful whenever any cardholder wishes to check their credit card balance.

Process to check PNB Credit Card Balance 

It's one of the widely used options where you have to register your credit card on the PNB Credit Card net banking facility. Once you registered successfully you will get an option of e-statement on the homepage. Click on the "E-Statement" and go through all the instructions to complete the process.

Net Banking

One of the best and fastest way to check the balance of credit cards online of Punjab National Bank. If you are an existing customer of the bank you must sign your credit card with net banking service at Punjab National Bank. Or else you have to manually complete the Net Banking registration process to get your sign in Id and Password. Once you are done you have to click on the link of Balance Check. Through this, you can check the balance of your PNB Credit Card online. Through your smartphone, you can even do net banking, because the website is customized for mobile browsing. For Internet banking, you have to use the same user name and password. The process is same as you do on the website. This is one of the easiest methods as I said above because you can check your credit card balance through your mobile, just with some taps on your go.


Punjab National Bank delivers SMS notifications to customers when they make any payment through their credit card. This enables the consumer to check their credit card balance through SMS that works in real-time and in a convenient manner. Through the SMS facility, you can get the exact transaction details and the remaining balance on your card.

Customer Care Service: If a consumer is not happy with online banking or mobile banking, using Punjab National Bank credit card customer care number 1800 425 4059 he/she also can request about their credit card balance and available credit limit. 

ATM: You can visit your nearest PNB ATM and check your outstanding balance of Punjab National Bank credit card. Just enter the 4-digit PIN of your card and follow the on-screen instructions to check the remaining balance of your card.

Visiting a bank branch: You can visit the nearest branch of PNB to know the balance of your credit card. Meet a credit card representative to raise a request for the same. In case you are a new user of PNB credit card visiting a branch will be more beneficial as you can know more banking information such as how to check the balance of your credit card on your mobile phone, how to do an online credit card balance enquiry etc.

Mobile App: Punjab National Bank has its specialized banking apps to enhance its interaction with its customers. As a new user by registering your card at PNB app you can check your credit card balance without leaving your comfort. Checking credit card balance through the mobile app is handy and convenient as you can know your credit card outstanding balance by following simple on-screen instructions. 

Consequences of Missing Credit Card Payments

The credit card holders may face a windfall in their life due to which they may fail to pay their credit card bills on time. On doing so, the card provider may charge a late fee or even levy higher interest rates which in turn will take a hit on the credit cardholder. If the situation continues for more than a few months, they that particular account may go to collections or you can be sued or you can be charged off.

If you fail to make payment by 30 – 59 days, then the card issuer will most likely charge a late payment fee and the interest amount which the cardholder owes on the balance amount.

If in case, there is a genuine reason for missing the payment, then you can call up your credit card company and explain the situation and there is a possibility that you may receive a waiver on the fee as a courtesy provided you have been a good customer who has been diligently paying your credit card bills on time for a long time.

If a late payment shows on your credit card report, then your credit score is likely to slip. A single payment made after 30 – day mark can stay on your credit report for seven long years.

So the earlier the payment, the better for the credit card holder, as this will avoid the late payment fee, interest charges and other penalties, as the higher penalty of APR will increase the cost of debt on your credit card and will stretch out the amount of time to repay the debt.

PNB Credit Card App

PNB Genie is a self-service mobile app for all the Indians which allows you to take complete access to all your credit card information. Log in with your Net Banking Id, Password and explore a world of convenience just with a few taps. No matter where you are just with your PNB Id and Password you can explore the world of benefits and offers anytime anywhere. Scroll down and get to know the features and benefits of PNB Genie App and how to use it.

Benefits of Bank of PNB Credit Card App

  • View all your credit card transactions
  • Get e-statement for all your credit card transaction
  • Get access to purchase to EMI facility
  • Get access to upgrade your credit card limit
  • Get access to report your lost credit card
  • Get an option to block your card in case of any fraudulent activity
  • Get access for card replacement request
  • Change your credit card pin, anytime anywhere
  • Get all PNB Credit Card offers in the app
  • Manage your all accounts at one place
  • Get access to request for a loan
  • Get access to check your passbook
  • Transfer your fund from one bank to another more conveniently
  • Get notified for your credit card dues
  • Get notified for all your transactions
  • Get access to pay all your bills
  • Get 24x7 customer support
  • Check your credit card status
  • Get all personalized alerts and reminders
  • Stay updated with your reward points balance
  • Personalize notifications for purchases, weekly balance, credit limit and more
  • Pay your Insurance, DTH Bills, Mobile Bills and Utility Bills
  • Check the status of your applied check.
  • Now make your travel more friendly and book your flight, bus and hotels through online.
  • Get 100% online security on your card
  • Add or manage beneficiary as per you want.
  • With enhanced security of m-PIN and make your transaction more convenient and hassle-free
  • Send and receive money through NEFT, IMPS and RTGS & UPI
  • Locate nearest PNB branch and ATM
  • Get auto linking of all accounts of the customer ID (Savings, Current, CC, OD, Loan, PPF accounts)
  • The app available in multi-languages

How to Download Genie App?

  • Go to Playstore or App Store
  • Search for PNB Genie and tap on Install
  • Open the app and tap on Log on
  • Now select your mobile number which has registered with your bank account
  • Enter your mobile number and wait for the confirmation message
  • Enter the OTP and tap on Confirm
  • Enter your credit card details and tap on Submit
  • On the next page, you will see the congratulation message, below that tap on Proceed
  • Now create your Password and tap on Confirm
  • Agree with the Terms and Conditions
  • Below that create your new mPin and tap on Confirm
  • Now enter your Password and click on Login

PNB One Mobile App

PNB ONE is a combination of different banking services which are operated via a single portal. PNB ONE is an all-in-one mobile banking application PNB ONE mobile banking application is an all-in-one application that lets you transfer money, invest in term deposits, manage debit/credit card, view your account balance and more. PNB ONE is Punjab National Bank 's official mobile banking application. By using PNB One app you can access to all the banking facilities across all operators.

Features and Benefits of PNB One 

You can experience all the PNB banking facilities at your fingertips.

1. User-friendly interface:

  • New and improved interface 
  • with more dashboard functionality.
  • All your accounts can be accessed under the unified dashboard

2. Accounts

  • Get information about all your accounts such as Savings, Deposits, Loan, Overdraft, Current etc.
  • View your account statements and check balances of your credit/debit cards

3. Fund Transfer

  • Transfer funds between your PNB accounts and non-PNB accounts
  • Interbank fund transfer services such as NEFT/IMPS/UPI
  • IMPS using MMID
  • Instant fund transfer without adding the beneficiary
  • Regular Transfers
  • Quick Transfer without adding beneficiary.
  • RTGS
  • Indo- Nepal Remittance

4. Personal Investment

  • Open a term deposit account or recurring deposit account
  • Invest in Mutual Funds
  • Apply for insurance
  • Premature FD Closure

5. Transactions

  1. View your old transactions
  2. View list of recent payees under “My Favourite Payee” section.
  3. Manage and view your recurring transactions.
  4. Schedule your transaction according to your preference.

6. Manage your credit card

  • Activation/De-activation of Auto Payment option
  • Link or de-link your credit card
  • Increase your card limit
  • Get monthly statements via email
  • Replace your card in case of damage or lost.

7. UPI

  • Transfer and receive money using UPI
  • Manage transaction history of UPI payments
  • Deregistration of the user
  • Manage your queries and complaints

8. BHARAT QR Payment

  • Initiate a payment by scanning the QR code.
  • Link your card and make the payment directly from your account.

9. Secure and Convenient

  • Add your finger-print as a sign-in option
  • Two-factor authentication and encryption

10. Recharge/Bill Payments

  • Add your biller relevant to Telecom, Electricity, DTH, credit card,  Mutual find, Insurance, Telecom and more.
  • Pay bills directly to the added billers

11. Languages

  • English
  • Hindi

12. Cheques

  • Track the status of your cheque
  • Stop Cheque service
  • Request for a new Cheque book
  • View your cheque
  • PNB Suraksha

13. M-passbook: View and download your account statement

14. Favourites: You can add your frequently used services under this tab

15. Value added services:

  •  Aadhaar or PAN Card registration
  • E-mail ID Updation
  • Registration for e-statement
  • De-registration of e-statement
  • MMID( used for IMPS)
  • Government initiatives
  • View last 10 SMS
  • Apply for Locker 
  • Apply for government initiatives such as Atal Pension Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  • Link PPF account and transfer amount to other bank accounts
  • PNB Rakshak
  • View & Download E- Interest Certificate for loan & Deposit account
  • Set credit card limits

16. Customer service management

  • Raise a complaint / Service Request
  • Track your service request
  • Request history

Latest enhancements in PNB ONE app

1. Pay to contact

Users can transfer money directly to contacts stored on their phone. The receiver must have a PNB account and registered for ‘Pay to contact’ facility. In order to receive money, the user has to select an account in which he/she wants to receive money. 

PNB Credit Card Lost

In the incident of card loss, card misuse, unauthorized activity or accusation of damaging card data, dial PNB Credit Cards '24-hour consumer helpline number 1800 180 2345 or 0120 – 4616200 and email to creditcardpnb@pnb.co.in to get your credit card hot-listed.

Keep records of PNB Credit Cards 24-hour customer support number 1800 180 2345 or 0120-4616200 as well as address of the processing center PNB, Credit Card Processing Centre, 3rd Floor, Rajendra Bhawan, Rajendra Place NEW DELHI-110008 in a safe place for instant use in case of any fraudulent activity.

Punjab National Bank Credit Card Status

When you apply for a credit card from Punjab National Bank, you can also check the status of your application. You should be able to do this from the official site of the PNB. If you want to check the status of your credit card application offline, you may do so by calling the bank's customer support division or reaching the nearest branch of the Punjab National Bank.

Process to check PNB Credit Status via Online

If the consumer has connections to the Internet, he or she may submit a request for a credit card queries to creditcardpnb@pnb.co.in. The consumer will have to provide the application form number in his email. The PNB Customer Service Department will react to the current status of the applicant for a credit card within 1-2 days.

Process to check PNB Credit Status via offline

By calling toll-free number- Customers wishing to know the status of their application may call PNB's toll-free number 1800-180-2345 directly. The Customer Service Staff, on the other hand, will request the application number and other relevant details to verify. Consumer service will be able to tell the current status of the application for a credit card,once you submit the appropriate details. 

By calling customer care number- Additionally, the user can dial PNB customer service number 0120-4616200. For consumers who dial in to know the status of their credit card transaction, the customer service department of the bank can provide the current information. On the basis of the information given, the Customer Service Agent can access the details of the application for a credit card and notify you of the current status of your credit card application.

By mailing address- In case that the consumer needs further details about his credit card application, he must submit his queries to the bank at the address below. The customer may send mail to PNB, Credit Card Processing Centre, 11th Floor, Atma Ram House, 1 Tolstoy Marg, New Delhi-110001.

PNB Credit Card Reward

Punjab National Bank credit cards are covered by an impressive rewards program. When a cardholder utilizes his credit card for transactions, these reward points are earned as per the criteria. Let us know more about reward points for PNB credit cards, how to earn and redeem them.

PNB Credit Card Reward Catalogue 

By making purchases using the card, you can receive reward points on PNB credit cards. PNB offers no accelerated rewards for any particular purchases but apart from this, the rewards criteria are really amazing. The below details show the total reward points you will earn for your transaction by PNB Credit Card.  

  • With PNB Global Platinum Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 150 on a retail transaction and get 2 reward points.
  • With PNB Global Gold Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on a retail transaction and get 1 reward point
  • With PNB Global Classic Credit Card spend a minimum of Rs 100 on retail and get 1 reward point
  • With PNB RuPay Platinum Card get 1 reward point by spending of Rs 100 on every transaction
  • With PNB RuPay Select Card spend a minimum of Rs 150 on retail and get 2 reward points.
  • With PNB Corporate Credit Card earn 1 reward point by spending of Rs 100 on every transaction

Process to Redeem PNB Credit Card Reward Points

You must have accumulated a minimum of 500 points to start redeeming your reward points. PNB reward points can be redeemed against movie tickets, DTH/Mobile recharge, JP Miles, hotel bookings, etc. The PNB bank continues to add new products and brands to its rewards catalogue to offer the cardholders the best possible benefits. You can redeem the reward points for a value of 1 Reward Point = Re. 0.50

To redeem the accumulated reward points you can go through post or online process.

Online Process

  • Sign in to your PNB Credit Card Account by using the credentials
  • Now click on the Rewardz option on the left menu
  • Now you will be securely redirected to the website of PNB Rewardz,
  • Here you can see your accumulated reward points and also you can redeem the points on the same page.

Via Post

Visit the PNB Rewardz website and download the PNB Reward Redemption Form. Fill the form completely and send it to the below-given address.

Punjab National Bank

Credit Card Processing Centre,

3rd Floor, Rajendra Bhawan,

Rajendra Place, NEW DELHI-110008

Process to redeem PNB Reward points for JP Miles

PNB's tied with Jet Airways which enables its credit cardholders to convert their accumulated reward points into JP Miles for a value of 2 reward points equal to 1 JP Mile. You can use the JP Miles to purchase Jet Airways Flight Ticket which is accessible from all five PNB credit cards. The cardholder must follow the following steps to take advantage of this benefits.  

  • For redemption, the cardholder must have earned 500 points in his/her credit card account.
  • Call customer support and talk to an executive and request him/her to convert your reward points into JP Miles.
  • Provide your Card number and JP Privilege Account Number information to the representative.
  • Tell the executive how many reward points you wish to convert.
  • Download, fill in and send the redemption form to PNB Card Processing Centre
  • After your confirmation within 15 days, the reward points will be converted into Jet Privilege Points.

Terms and Conditions for Jet Privilege Miles

  • This program is restricted for PNB credit card defaulters
  • This scheme applies only to the holders of PNB credit cards in India
  • The scheme can be cancelled after the request of the cardholder
  • The program can be used under the reward point redemption program

PNB Customer Care

Call on the below-given toll-free number to solve your any credit card related query.

1800 180 2345 or 0120 4616 200

Apart from this, you can send an email to solve your credit card related query. Kindly send a mail to the below-given mail address:



Q: What are the features of PNB credit cards?

A: Given below are some of the key features of PNB Credit Card:-

Worldwide Acceptance- PNB credit cards are accepted at ATMs and merchant establishments across the globe.

Rewards Programme- PNB credit card users can earn while they spend under PNB’s reward programme. The rate of reward-earning differs from one card to another.

Lost Card Liability Cover- In case you lose your credit card and report the loss immediately by calling on the toll-free number, you can avoid fraudulent transactions.

Add-on Credit Cards- PNB also gives you the opportunity to gift your family the power of spending in the form of add-on credit cards.

All-purpose Credit Card- PNB credit cards are suited for all types of spending including shopping, dining, travel, entertainment and others.

Interest-Free Period- Any cardholder who has paid the entire outstanding of his credit card balance or on before the due date, is eligible for a minimum of 20 days and a maximum of 50 days of the interest-free period.

Q: How can one increase Credit Limit in Punjab National Bank?

A: The customer who wants to increase the credit limit can write to the bank asking for an increase in the credit limit. While requesting for the increase, the cardholder needs to submit the income documents such as salary slip, bank statement, income tax returns, PAN Card and so on. However, the credit limit increase is determined solely at the discretion of the bank. The available credit limit is communicated to the cardholder at the time of card delivery.

Q: What is an IVR transaction?

A: An Interactive Voice Response transaction (IVR) can be conducted over the phone. The customer can provide their Credit Card details and follow the directions given by the bank’s automated system and make payments towards the purchase of goods and services etc.

Q: How does PNB IVR 3D secure transaction help the customer?

A: The ‘IVR 3D Secure transaction system offers added protection to your IVR transactions, by authorizing it through an OTP sent to the cardholders registered mobile number. This method can also be used to make purchases through any merchant IVR system as well.

Q: What is an add-on card?

A: A supplementary/add-on card refers to one or more credit cards that may be issued to family members of the primary cardholder. Add on cards share the total credit limit of the primary card account and have the same features as that of the primary card. Any reward points earned through the add-on card are credited to the primary card account.

Q: What is a Revolving Credit?

A: Revolving credit is a type of credit that does not have a fixed number of payments, in contrast to instalment credit (EMI). Credit cards are an example of revolving credit. He/she can make as many payments as required to pay off the due balance. If a customer pays off the credit card due partially then the balance amount will be carried forward to the next billing cycle.

Q: How can I avail a loan on my PNB credit card?

A: Availing a Loan on the basis of Credit card is at the sole discretion of the bank. PNB always communicate the same to card member periodically as an available offer on the card. Additionally, the card member can also place a request for same to the card issuing bank, however, the approval of the loan is at the discretion of the card issuing authority.

Q: Can I prepay the loan amount availed on credit card?

A: Yes, You may prepay or foreclose the loan availed on credit card by calling to Customer Care from your registered mobile number.

Q: Can I update a separate mobile number for OTP alerts on add-on card?

A: No, Transactions alerts and payment due-date alerts will be sent to primary cardholders mobile number only. You may update an add-on card mobile number regarding OTP alerts for online transactions made on an add-on card.

Q: How can I pay my credit card bill in PNB?

A: There are various ways through which one can pay off the credit card bills. The following are your options:

1. You can pay your credit card bill through net banking.

2. Also, You can pay your credit card bill through CHEQUE/DRAFT, NEFT/RTGS and by CASH by visiting your nearest branch.

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